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Foodie Nirvana: Discovering the Best Seafood Restaurants in Puerto Vallarta

shrimps tacos with salsa vegetables and avocado

Puerto Vallarta is a destination made for seafood lovers! Here you will find many restaurants serving up some of the most delectable dishes imaginable. From simple tacos and pizza to succulent lobster, these restaurants are culinary havens with something to please every palate.

This guide will take you on an exploration of the best seafood restaurants. You will find the perfect spot for every occasion, regardless of whether you are seeking casual dining or upscale dining.

You’ll learn about top-rated establishments, what makes them so appealing, and other insider tips that guarantee your visit is packed with flavor and fun. So get ready to embark on a delightful journey through Puerto Vallarta’s superb seafood restaurants!

Martini en Fuego Grill Bar

You don’t want to miss a chance to experience Martini en Fuego Grill Bar. It’s well known for being one of the more authentic seafood restaurants in the city. It offers some of the most mouthwatering dishes you’ll find anywhere, like coconut shrimp, Mahi Mahi filet, or tortilla and seafood soup. Fresh pacific salmon is a signature favorite, marinated and seared on flamboyant fire pits right in the middle of the restaurant.

No wonder food lovers come away raving about the choice offerings! The atmosphere is welcoming and warm, perfect for a romantic evening out, casual dining with friends and family, or by yourself. If you’re looking for an unforgettable seafood experience, Martini en Fuego Grill Bar is hard to beat.

Si Señor Beach

tuna meat steak in hot pan with vegetable

You can guess where this one is near just by the name. Si Señor Beach is a hidden gem. With live music and dog-friendly, this spot has a unique, welcoming energy. From their filet mignon to tuna steak and sea bass adobado style, you’ll be happy with the generous portions and freshness of the ingredients. Not to mention every plate is prepared with exquisite attention to color and presentation.

And if that isn’t enough, enjoy majestic sunset views from the table on the sand close to the water as you savor your meal. What could be more special? Don’t forget your camera. You’ll need it at this joint!

Juan Tiburón

Juan Tiburon comes to mind if you’re looking for seafood that hits the spot. This one’s off the beach, with vegetarian or vegan options for the best of all worlds! They do their best to capture atmosphere, flavor, and authenticity. The presentation is beautiful, and the food is always fresh.

From lobster thermidor to ceviches and garlic shrimp, you will find some of the best seafood dishes around, as well as drinks and desserts to die for. The staff is courteous and friendly, making your time there even better.

Juan Tiburon has consistently been rated one of the best seafood restaurants in Puerto Vallarta, so if you’re looking for an experience that will make your friends back home jealous – this is it!

Tuna Azul

Tuna Azul sits on the beautiful Malecon Boardwalk, so you can enjoy unforgettable sunsets while dining here. The menu offers a variety of delicious seafood dishes using fresh and local ingredients. There’s something for everyone, from lobster tacos to shrimp ceviche and octopus chicharron tacos. Did I mention the crab enchiladas?

Whether you’re looking for a relaxed dinner to watch the sunset or an elegant evening out on the town, Tuna Azul has what you need!

Maria Baja

tostado pulpo with lime on the side

If you’re looking for something legendary, Maria Baja is your go-to! This place is a mecca for foodies and seafood lovers alike. You’ll find so many exquisite creations on their menu that you might be tempted to try them all! Start with sea bass ceviche, tostado pulpo, and shrimp fajitas to understand why people come from far and wide to eat here.

The jicama shrimp are popular, and their pork belly chicharron with shrimp is heaven. Finish off your meal with one of the delicious homemade desserts like mango sorbet or tres leches cake.

Maria Baja is a seafood paradise sure to please all your senses. You won’t believe the fantastic flavors on every plate!

The Blue Shrimp

The Blue Shrimp is a seafood lover’s dream come true! This local eatery has the freshest and most flavorous seafood dishes in town. From their creative ceviches to their succulent shrimp cocktails, loyal customers come back again and again to experience the freshness they offer.

Fish tacos and grilled fish plates are popular dishes at this restaurant, as they are cooked to perfection with a Latin spin.

Their dishes are made using locally-caught seafood, ensuring its freshness every time. Plus, all sauces, salsas, and seasonings used in the recipes make for a flavor-packed meal perfect for a foodie journey.

mexican shrimp burrito with a variety of salsas on the side

Mariscos Cisneros

Mariscos Cisneros is renowned for its palatable seafood dishes located off the beaten path. It’s where you can enjoy an authentic Mexican culinary experience without the usual noise you hear in tourist traps.

The interior décor is simply charming and sets the mood for a laid-back meal with friends or family. If you love fresh seafood like red snapper, shrimp tostadas, or crab enchiladas, Mariscos Cisneros should definitely be on your must-visit list.

You’ll get excellent service from friendly servers as you enjoy classic and exquisite Mexican recipes cooked with the freshest ingredients. Their variety of dishes, like octopus burritos and fish machaca, will satisfy your cravings and have you coming back for more!

Mariscos El Guero

Make sure to check out Mariscos El Guero. This seafood restaurant exceeds expectations with its excellent quality and selection of outstanding dishes. It’s the perfect place to fill up after a day at the beach. You’ll understand why it quickly earned its reputation as one of Puerto Vallarta’s favorite spots.

They take pride in using only organic, fresh ingredients, meaning every bite is delicious. Regulars swear by the juicy shrimp tacos and succulent calamari dishes served here. Their breaded Mahi Mahi as an appetizer before they bring a burrito with octopus and shrimp will get the juices flowing as you enter foodie heaven!


Puerto Vallarta is truly a seafood lover’s paradise. From the prestigious gourmet restaurants tucked away in the old town to the quaint beachside eateries, there’s no shortage of excellent seafood dining options. Whether looking for a fancy night out or a casual lunch between sightseeing adventures, you’re guaranteed to find something yummy and noteworthy in Puerto Vallarta! In other words — start packing your bags because it’s the perfect destination for all food-loving travelers.

*In some cases, we may earn a commission if you purchase from companies linked to within articles. Full disclosure here.

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