Espresso Yourself: Discovering Puerto Vallarta’s Best Coffee Shops

By Gene Hooks
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If you’re looking for a coffee adventure, then Puerto Vallarta is the place to go. There’s something special about waking up and sipping fresh, delectable espresso near the beach. You have just found a great excuse to try something new. From the mom-and-pop cafés to the high-end, you’re sure to find what you’re looking for.

In this article, we’ll give you a tour of the best coffee spots in Puerto Vallarta and show you why they deserve a visit.

Dee’s Coffee Company

Dee’s Coffee Company is a must-visit for all coffee lovers! Dee’s offers you a variety of specialty coffee and treats. This is not your regular chain coffee shop. It is locally owned and serves fresh, delicious homemade pastries, sandwiches, and snacks.

For an even more unique taste experience, try their signature espresso blends which are creamy and full-bodied with a hint of chocolate. Their expert baristas serve up boutique pastries such as French croissants, muffins, and baguettes that complement the drinks perfectly. So head over to Dee’s and enjoy some excellent coffee, tasty treats, and friendly service!

El Sofá Café

El Sofá Café is a must-visit! Located in the heart of the city center, this cozy cafe offers an unbeatable selection of espresso drinks.

In addition to your familiar lattes, cappuccinos, and macchiatos, El Sofá Cafe specializes in local favorites like Te helado and Vietnamida. In each cup, they use freshly-roasted Arabica beans from regional farms.

You won’t want to miss their frappe or green juice. Plus, you can pair your beverage with pastries made daily by the café’s local bakers. At El Sofá Café, you’ll get top-quality coffee drinks while soaking up some authentic Puerto Vallarta culture. Enjoy your stay!

man holding coffee with heart designs

The Coffee Cup – Olas Altas

Whether you’re on the go or want to take it slow with a cup of joe, The Coffee Cup – Olas Altas has a cozy atmosphere with mid-century modern decor and some impressive art throughout. The menu consists of a traditional selection of coffees and teas, plus a wide assortment of food options. There’s something for every taste, from breakfast plates to burritos, omelets, and sandwiches.

Each cup is lovingly brewed with Colombian beans, and the baristas have mastered their technique so that each sip packs maximum flavor!

Caffe del Mar

Caffe del Mar is a cozy cafe located near the beach. It’s an art-filled space serving fantastic coffee in a beautiful atmosphere, with outdoor seating and plenty of plants.

The espresso menu features creamy lattes and classic cappuccinos made with freshly ground organic Mexican coffee beans that give your cup of wow amazing flavor. In addition to serving glorious coffee, they offer food options from breakfast burritos to sandwiches and delectable salads.

Caffe del Mar is the place to spend a few hours enjoying your favorite beverage while taking in all the beauty Puerta Vallarta has to offer.

cheerful female friends drinking tea and chatting

Cafe Ore Verde

The Cafe Ore Verde boasts some of the choicest coffee you’ll find in the area. A small and cozy shop, it’s perfect if you’re looking for a place to just sit and enjoy a cup of espresso with friends.

Here, you can experience traditional Mexican coffee through single-origin beans roasted in-house and crafted into specialty drinks like cappuccinos or lattes. The owners also offer interesting flavor shots such as salted caramel or cinnamon hazelnut to add extra sweetness to their specialty drinks.

The atmosphere at Cafe Ore Verde is second to none. An industrial vibe combined with ambient music playing throughout makes it an outstanding restaurant for getting away from it all. Plus, the friendly staff is always willing to help out with any specific needs.

Coffee Cup

Coffee Cup is a popular addition to the coffee scene. This cozy spot tucked away behind Varrarta Marina between D and E Dock offers a variety of specialty beverages and delectable pastries.

Coffee Cup’s drink menu puts unique spins on cafe classics such as a lavender latte, rosemary mocha, and pumpkin chai tea. There are also several non-alcoholic cocktails with unexpected flavors like pear mint and almond fig.

Whether you are looking for a cool place to relax or want to try something different, Coffee Cup is sure to give you the boost you need!

fancy metal cup filled of roasted coffee beans

Puerto Café

Puerto Café is one of Puerto Vallarta’s better expresso joints! Located in the heart of downtown, it offers a variety of delicious espresso drinks to suit all tastes. They offer unique, high-quality ingredients and take pride in their craftsmanship. Every cup is made with locally sourced beans from Mexico’s premier growing regions.

The atmosphere of Puerto Café is truly inviting and charming. It has an unpretentious atmosphere that will make you feel right at home. The baristas are incredibly friendly and always eager to chat while serving tasty beverages.

Last but not least, the live music at Puerto Café reflects the vibe Vallarta has become known for, a perfect backdrop for enjoying a delicious cup of coffee while listening to chill and laid-back tunes.


Cafestodo is the ideal place to start your coffee journey. It has been around since 2006, serving traditional Mexican cafe de olla and specialty coffees.

Common espresso drinks are on the menu here, such as cappuccinos, lattes, flat whites, mochas, and even specialty house-made drinks like café con leche and Calypso Frappés. All of Cafestodo’s coffee options come with complimentary caramel candies on the side.

So whether you’re a beginner barista looking to learn more about how to make great coffee or an espresso expert seeking out the top cafes to get your daily fix, Cafestodo should definitely be on your list!

view from above of people enjoying coffee at a table

Boba Loka

Boba Loka is one of the newer coffee spots that is all the rage! This small but vibrant cafe is tucked away in the heart of the city.

At Boba Loka, you’ll find all the classic espresso drinks, spectacular smoothies, and locally made pastries. But they are known for their boba tea!

This delicious drink is made with favorite flavors like lychee and coconut and unique specialties like matcha, mango, and pineapple boba. Each cup is made-to-order and can be customized just how you like it.

Boba Loka offers some of the best coffee that will wake you up in no time! Boba Loka has something for everyone who loves coffee, whether it’s a simple espresso or an exotic boba tea.

Big Kahuna

Big Kahuna is one of the closely-held secrets for a fantastic cup of espresso. It’s a quaint little café in Zona Romantica near the beach that offers freshly brewed, locally roasted coffee every morning.

The atmosphere inside Big Kahuna screams Puerto Vallarta, with colorful walls adorned with local artwork and tropical plants. Plus, it’s a great spot to get your caffeine fix without feeling overwhelmed by hordes of tourists.

Their baristas are highly skilled in crafting top-notch espressos, lattes, and cappuccinos using locally grown beans that are sure to satisfy everyone’s taste buds.

If you need a little something sweet to go along with your coffee, they’ve got pastries, cakes, and other goodies made fresh daily. In addition to its stellar selection of tasty beverages and treats, Big Kahuna is surprisingly affordable, making it a great choice when looking for quality coffee!


Whether you’re in Puerto Vallarta for a few days or a week, take some time for yourself and get the best coffee at one of the local coffee shops. From exquisite blends and high-end single-origin coffees to traditional drinks like cappuccinos and lattes, all these places have something to offer, catering to any coffee lover’s taste. On your next trip down to beautiful Puerto Vallarta, remember that the key ingredient of any vacation isn’t the sights or attractions. It’s finding that perfect cup of coffee to kickstart your day!

*In some cases, we may earn a commission if you purchase from companies linked to within articles. Full disclosure here.

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