The Best Snorkeling Tours in Cabo San Lucas

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Are you interested in exploring the beauty of Cabo San Lucas? Snorkeling tours will definitely fit the bill! Known for its abundant marine life and crystal-clear waters, this is an ideal destination for snorkelers.

But how do you decide when there are so many options available? Don’t worry. We have you covered. To help you make the most of your break from the daily grind, we have compiled a list of the top snorkeling tours.

From secluded coves to vibrant coral reefs, these tours offer unforgettable experiences that will leave you in awe of the stunning underwater world of Cabo San Lucas. So let’s dive in!

Snorkeling Experience Tour

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Join the Cabo Blue Trimaran Sailing Boat for a scenic tour that offers stunning views of Pelican Rock and El Arco from the water. You can also try stand-up paddle boards to add to the adventure. This tour is an ideal option for those with a family or who are short on time. It offers a delightful lunch and unlimited beverages.

You won’t want to miss out on the unlimited photo opportunities and the chance to see the best of Cabo San Lucas from a whole new perspective!

Land’s End Luxury Sail & Snorkel Cruise

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Embark on the ultimate adventure with Cabo Sailing Ocean Adventures! Feel like royalty as you sail on a luxurious yacht and enjoy the magnificent views of Baja’s southern point while sipping delicious cocktails. 

Enjoy sightseeing before diving into the shimmering waters for a once-in-a-lifetime snorkeling experience. And don’t worry about a thing – lunch, snacks, and equipment are all included, along with an open bar! Keep an eye out for majestic whales, and rest assured that the experienced and accommodating crew will make this an experience worth writing home about.

Half-Day Cabo Snorkel Adventure

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Join Cabo Adventures for this epic half-day snorkel adventure! Hop aboard their luxurious catamaran and discover the best snorkeling spots in Los Cabos. Glide through the water on a paddleboard or zoom around on a sea scooter. 

And don’t worry about getting hungry or thirsty – they’ve got you covered with a boat-fresh lunch and alcohol flowing like water beneath you! Plus, you’ll get to see the adorable group of sea lions near the Arch of Cabo San Lucas. And when you’re done, dry off with their complimentary towels on the boat. You won’t forget about this tour any time soon!

Los Cabos Luxury Sailing and Snorkel Cruise

attractive couple at the helm of a luxury catamaran

Cabo Adventures has another treasure as good as the one above! Sip on cocktails and sparkling wine while cruising the shimmering seas on a sailboat. Indulge in fresh shrimp and seafood, and savor international specialties for lunch. 

Explore the vibrant coral reefs and tropical fish while snorkeling, or paddleboard among the incredible marine life in your free time. You’ll receive personalized attention from your guide and create lifelong memories with your family and friends.

Number One Snorkeling Tour in Catamaran

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It’s all in the name, as Tours Mexico is adding its own flavor to the mix. Join them for this snorkeling excursion on a luxurious catamaran. Glide through shining waters and explore the breathtaking Arch of Cabo while possibly spotting playful seals. 

Satisfy your taste buds with a variety of mouthwatering Mexican appetizers, including guacamole, ceviche, and tortilla chips, while sipping on unlimited alcoholic beverages and bottled water. Enjoy the great music and entertainment provided by their outstanding crew. 

Remember to bring your camera, as their team will capture priceless memories of your adventure and provide them to you on a flash drive. All in all, a fun-filled day is guaranteed!

Los Cabos Arch Playa del Amor Tour

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High Tide Los Cabos is a five-star review factory! You won’t get enough snorkeling in the crystal-clear waters near Pelican Rock. Don’t forget to say hello to some friendly sea lions! Get a glimpse of the vibrant underwater world through your glass-bottomed kayak as you marvel at the spectacular rock formations of El Arco.

And as if that wasn’t enough, wrap up your tour sailing past the romantic Playa del Amor and give you an incredible opportunity to get up close and personal with the gorgeous marine birds and wildlife! They will even take you to and from your hotel. It can’t get more convenient than that!

Snorkeling Tour in Cabo San Lucas

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Cabo Blue Trimaran Sailing Boat is throwing its hat in the ring with a tour of its own. Take in the sensational coastal views, snap some Insta-worthy photos at the iconic Arch, and dive into the turquoise waters of Santa Maria Beach with their top-of-the-line snorkeling equipment and paddle boards. 

Plus, enjoy a delicious lunch and an open bar on this half-day tour. And who knows? You might just hop on the boat as a solo traveler but come off with a whole crew of new friends!

Los Cabos Sea Adventure

boy suing a motorized sea scooter to explore the depths

Cabo Adventures is three-for-three in this article! Sail away, snorkel, and swim in the sparkling seas. Discover a secluded cove and take your pick from a range of thrilling activities. Master the art of paddle boarding, feel the rush of speeding over waves on a motorized sea scooter, kayak across the calm waters, or dive into an underwater world of wonder while snorkeling. 

Your guide will point out playful dolphins, majestic whales, and graceful rays and even introduce you to a local colony of sea lions. You will easily spot them lazing along the coastline in the sun. The biodiversity here rivals other areas of the world. Come out here and make your mark!

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