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Discover Acapulco’s Hidden Gems: Best Tours to Book

deluxe high cliff divers exhibition spectacular aerial view at dusk

Are you planning a trip to Acapulco and looking for something unique? Want to uncover the hidden gems that this lovely destination has to offer? You’re in the right place, as we compiled a list of exciting excursions to discover.

From cliff diving to tequila, Acapulco has much to offer to those who want to get off the beaten path. These excursions will transport you to destinations frequently missed by many, allowing you to savor a genuine representation of the city’s heritage and traditions, all while thoroughly enjoying your experience in Mexico. All of these are ‘reserve now and pay later,’ so let’s dive in!

DeLuxe High Cliff Divers Exhibition

amazing shot of a high cliff diver in midair with stunning sunset in the background

TourByVan offers the DeLuxe High Cliff Divers Exhibition in Acapulco. You can cruise along La Costera with a pro guide and skip the queues for a breathtaking evening of romance and adventure. Enjoy a scrumptious three-course dinner at the iconic La Perla, perched atop the historic El Mirador hotel with gorgeous ocean views. 

Savor some wine or cocktails while watching the famous cliff divers plunge into the water below. And to top it all off, they offer hotel or cruise ship pickup for your utmost convenience. This is something you don’t want to miss out on!

Acapulco Cliff Divers at Night

cliff diver looking down from cliff just before his jump into the turbulent waters below

Royale Tours is racing in a dead heat, competing for your enjoyment with Acapulco Cliff Divers at Night! Their 3-hour evening tour also includes convenient hotel pickup and drop off and does a one-up by adding a gourmet feast at the elegant La Perla restaurant. 

The thrill of watching fearless divers soar through the air and into the ocean below during your meal will make you forget that you are eating! The night sky only adds to the excitement of this astonishing cultural spectacle. You may even be lucky enough to see a shooting star as you sip your favorite drink.

Acapulco City Tour with Cliff Diver Show

acapulco skyline at the bay with mountains in the background

There’s a third hat in the cliff diver race with a twist!  Spend the day touring the entire city of Acapulco with TourByVan. Their stops include Las Brisas and the enchanting Chapel of Peace. You’ll even witness the incredible La Quebrada Cliff Divers risking it all for your entertainment! 

Plus, with air-conditioned transport and hotel pickup and drop off included, you can sit back, relax, take pictures, and enjoy the ride. And the best part? Their lowest price guarantee means you won’t break the bank on this journey.

Acapulco Snorkeling Tour

woman snorkeling in shallow waters just above a coral reef

Royale Tours has you covered for an Acapulco Snorkeling Tour! Immerse yourself in the crystal-clear waters of the Pacific on this half-day excursion. Explore La Roqueta Island and discover awe-inspiring snorkeling spots surrounded by vibrant marine life and beautiful coral reefs. 

After a day of exploration, relax on the silky sand beaches and indulge in local delicacies at authentic island eateries. Enjoy complimentary snacks to satisfy your cravings while taking a break from the watery depths.

Wrestling Show & Tequila Tasting

wrestler wearing a mask sitting at a table with a shot of tequila in front of him

Did you ever think you would see these two things mentioned together? Indulge in a night of pure excitement with the Wrestling Show & Tequila Tasting offered by Acapulco For All Private Day Tours! You’ll be treated to three and a half hours of non-stop fun with hotel pickup and drop off. 

Get the best seats in the house and enjoy the tastiest tacos and beer. Immerse yourself in the lively atmosphere as you cheer on your favorite wrestler alongside the locals. And let’s not forget the huge tequila-tasting bottle – all you can drink! It’s one of the most entertaining dinner & show combos you’ll ever experience.

Acapulco Baby Turtle Release and Sightseeing

pretty woman holding a baby turtle at the beach

Join the ultimate Acapulco adventure with TourByVan‘s Acapulco Baby Turtle Release and Sightseeing tour! Not only will you release adorable baby turtles, but you’ll also get to explore all the fantastic sights this beautiful city offers. 

From La Quebrada to Diego Rivera’s mural and the Chapel of Peace, this tour has got it all covered. And the best part? You don’t have to worry about a thing! All entrance fees are included, and both alcoholic and nonalcoholic beverages are provided. Plus, with their knowledgeable guide, you’ll get insider information on all the important sites. Don’t miss out on this unforgettable experience!

*In some cases, we may earn a commission if you purchase from companies linked to within articles. Full disclosure here.

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