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$40 per person


Duration: 2.5 hours
Group Size: 2 - 10 people
Difficulty: Difficult
Start Time: 8am or 2pm
Weekly: Sun - Sat
Seasons: Jan - Dec

Don Pancho

English Level: Low
Languages: Spanish


What's provided

Host will provide a light meal, coffee-tasting, and a wealth of knowledge regarding small-holder coffee production in Costa Rica. 1/4 and 1/2 kilo sacks of 100% pure freshly-roasted coffee available for purchase. Green coffee available too.

What you should bring

Traveler should bring comfortable walking shoes and / or boots. A camera, drinking water, natural bug repellent and sunscreen are recommended.

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Coffee Farming with Don Pancho

  1. Costa Rica
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  3. Alajeula Province
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  5. San Pedro de Poas

From the bean to the cup. On your visit to Don Pancho’s family-run coffee farm, you will experience a day-in-the-life of a Costa Rican coffee farmer. You will walk through the fields and - depending on the season - learn how to pick the best coffee beans. You will see how the beans are roasted and ground and get to package your own bag of 100% pure, locally grown coffee. If it's a market day, you can help Don Pancho load up and head to town for deliveries.

Don Pancho will speak to you about the importance of keeping farming small-scale and how his focus is on sustainability. It is best to visit in November-December, during harvesting season, however, coffee is stored and packaged year-round. Whenever you visit, you will find Don Pancho’s 100-year old artisan coffee machines up and running and ready for you to grind!

"I don’t know how we are going to save the world, but I know what I am going to do."
- Don Pancho

About Don Pancho

Don Pancho grew up in San Pedro de Poas. He comes from a family of farmers, however, he considers himself more of an entrepreneur than an agrarian. His family largely worked in the plantations and he wanted to do something different. He is hard working and passionate about environmentalism and community development. His committed to promoting good values in his business, such as reducing waste and chemical-use and providing opportunity for others in the area. He runs the only “mom and pop” small-scale family-run coffee business in the community. His wife helps him with the family business and together they encourage their children to pursue their dreams. The coffee business helps Don Pancho and his wife put their four children through college.

Work Experience

Don Pancho knows coffee. Some would say that coffee runs through his veins. He has been sustainably running his own family-business for the past nine years and this is his family’s primary source of income. However, Don Pancho is quick to admit that he feels more compelled to do something good for his community and the world than generate a high profit. Don Pancho’s small-scale operation is important for the future of Costa Rica’s environment and economy, as large-scale industries are contaminating much of the tropical rainforests and surrounding waters. Don Pancho was elected to the National Coffee Council in Costa Rica, a nine-member group that advises on all things coffee in the country.