Solo Travel in San Miguel de Allende: Uncovering the Hidden Gems

By Gene Hooks
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Crave an exotic vacation but don’t have a travel companion? San Miguel de Allende should be your destination. This colorful city nestled in central Mexico has become a haven for solo travelers looking to explore other cultures and habits.

Besides its splendid colonial architecture, San Miguel de Allende boasts a unique cultural identity that draws its locals and visitors alike with hauntingly beautiful religious shrines, delicious eateries, and vibrant nightlife scenes.

This article will explore the hidden gems of San Miguel de Allende that promise an unforgettable solo experience!

Getting There

The nearest airport to San Miguel de Allende is Guanajuato International Airport, which is 94 kilometers away (approx. 58 miles). From there, you can finish the journey by bus, shuttle, or taxi.

Bus: Expect to pay Unebus $8-$30 for an approximate 3 1/2 hour journey. They make the trip five times a day and can be booked in advance at ConnectaFGA.

Taxi: Taking one will get you there faster (90 minutes) but will be harder on your wallet ($55-$70). Make sure to take airport-approved taxis!

Airport Shuttle: This option will set you back $25 and make the trip to San Miguel de Allende Station in 90 minutes. They will also take you back to the airport (for another $25), offer private shuttles, and can adjust to your schedule.

woman with long hair strokes and caresses a horse standing in the green grass

Where to Stay

San Miguel de Allende offers a variety of accommodation options. From cozy hostels to luxurious hotels like Artesana Luxury Villa or Casa Hoyos (both offer airport shuttles for guests). Also, there are smaller, more affordable private rentals around the city. Homestays can be arranged if you wish to tour the city and experience local culture, with many families including a traditional Mexican breakfast in the price of their rooms.

If you’re searching for a more authentic experience, there are plenty of Airbnb options available. These range from private rooms to entire homes with stunning views of the city. Even better, many of these listings are part of unique neighborhoods where guests can explore and get up close with local communities away from the hustle and bustle of the main tourist attractions. Not only do they provide value for money but also a chance to enjoy parts of the city that most other travelers overlook.

The Food

San Miguel de Allende is a foodie’s dream, offering delicious dishes you can’t find anywhere else. From the local street taco stands to fine dining restaurants with upscale menus, you’ll have no trouble finding something to soothe your pallet.

What makes the food so special? This region takes traditional Mexican flavors and adds unique ingredients and dishes not found elsewhere in Mexico. From enchiladas that have been given a gourmet spin to fresh organic salads bursting with flavor to cocktails served in stylish bars, you’ll be blown away by the variety and creativity of the cuisine. It’s just so many options!

The best part is that many of these hidden gems are tucked away from tourist sites, where locals gather for their favorite meals and a chance to chat about the day. Don’t miss out on an authentic experience when exploring this vibrant city!

Things to Do

Cathedral: The beautiful Cathedral of San Miguel de Allende is a stunning example of Spanish Colonial architecture, built in the early 1700s. It has been beautifully restored and is now one of the most visited attractions in town.

Museum of Modern Art: Located on Calle Mayor between Av Universidad and Av Independencia, this museum houses some incredible works by local artists and an impressive collection from around the world. You can also take guided tours through this beautiful building which opens up into a garden courtyard surrounded by galleries filled with artwork from all eras.

Plaza de Armas: This plaza features several historic buildings that were once important for commerce but now serve other purposes like governmental offices or private homes owned by wealthy families seeking privacy away from public view (or even just away from tourists!). It’s impossible not to get lost among all these historical buildings when walking around here! If you’re looking for something unique, try heading towards Plaza Principal where shops sell artisanal products such as jewelry made out of recycled metals like copper wire or tin cans left over after making traditional Mexican dishes at home.

Many trails and parks offer an excellent way to explore the city. Hiking is a great way to see parts of town you may not otherwise get to see, as well as help you get an appreciation for what makes this place so unique. Whether it’s meandering trails with hidden views at the top of a hill or biking along paths that pass by centuries-old ruins and Mayan artifacts, the experience can be fun and enlightening. Plus, with all the healthy physical exercise you’ll get while exploring, hiking will provide some welcome relaxation and mental clarity during your stay.

Go shopping at The Market Place Market: This outdoor market has been around since 1845 and offers locally grown fruits, vegetables, flowers, and other products, as well as handmade crafts from local artisans who sell their goods direct. 

From horseback riding to a private Mexican cooking course with a licensed chef with 5-star reviews, you won’t run out of things to get into and create memories that will last a lifetime!

front counter of san miguel de allende gift shop

Safety Tips

Exploring San Miguel de Allende solo is an amazing experience, but you also have to stay safe! It’s always a good idea to at least let someone know where you’re going and when.

No matter where you go in the world, every destination presents unique safety challenges. Research your destination before you go, so you can make sure you can spot signs of trouble around town.

Before roaming the streets of San Miguel de Allende, assessing your own safety skills and risk tolerance is important. Consider taking a self-defense class or studying local laws and customs.

Another great tip is to carry only what you need for the day and leave valuable items back at your hotel or hostel. Traveling light will help keep you more aware of your surroundings and less bogged down with unnecessary items.

Don’t leave your drink unattended when at a bar or restaurant.

Be careful of ATMs, especially ones located in isolated areas like parks and parking lots.


A solo travel experience in San Miguel de Allende can be insanely rewarding if you take the time to explore and uncover its many hidden gems. With unique cuisine, vibrant culture, stunning architecture, and more, this small town has become a top destination for adventurers and rock stars.

You may never wish to leave! But when you do, you will leave having had an unforgettable experience and have gained more confidence from pushing your boundaries and achieving something incredible. So, summon up your courage, tighten up those laces and get ready for a journey of discovery unlike any other!

*In some cases, we may earn a commission if you purchase from companies linked to within articles. Full disclosure here.

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