Street Photography with Yakubu

Come spend an afternoon - or evening - with Yakubu photographing the streets of Kigali. Yakubu will guide you through city districts that he knows well, and you'll shoot together. And if you'd like, he can also walk you through the fundamentals (e.g. composition, depth of field, ISO) of what makes a good image. You'll meet at Kigali City Tower then head by moto or taxi to different districts. Due to the country's history, street photography can a bit of a sensitive issue in Rwanda. This is a great ways for getting to see different sides of the city and meet lots of local people through the lens. Yakubu is one of Kigali's most up and coming photographers. His dream is to be the first Rwandan photographer to present his country to the outside world, show them what the real Rwanda is all about. Tired of hearing about Rwanda only in connection to genocide and reconciliation, Yakubu wants to demonstrate that the genocide is a reality of the past. The Rwanda of today, he says, is a fast growing country full of opportunities and beauty, but also challenges. This is what deserves to be known.

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