The Retreat Costa Rica

  1. Atenas, Costa Rica

Located less than 30 minutes from San Jose International Airport, THE RETREAT is nestled in the arms of a quartz mountain and overlooks a stunning balcony to the Pacific Ocean. THE RETREAT provides panoramic views extending over 60 miles across the world-renown beauty of Costa Rica. THE RETREAT is more than a luxury wellness destination; it truly is ‘Heaven on Earth’; a place where visitors can let go of the stresses of everyday life and learn how to create the inner feeling of balance within that you have always dreamed of having in your life.

Experiences with Local Entrepreneurs

Mosaic Art with Rodrigo Ciudad Colon, Costa Rica

Cooking with Sandra and Family Ciudad Colon, Costa Rica

Kimono Making with Esther Ciudad Colon, Costa Rica

Lamp Making with Kathya and Cinthya Ciudad Colon, Costa Rica

Hillside Farming with Maritza Quebrada Honda, Costa Rica

Indigenous Insight with Choto Quitirrisi, Costa Rica

Coffee Farming with Don Pancho San Pedro de Poas, Costa Rica

Sewing with Dona Raquel Triangulo Solidario, Costa Rica

Spray Painting with Sidartta Curridabat, Costa Rica

Local Hotel

The moment you step foot on property, Pura Vida! Your life of wellness begins.
9 local entrepreneurs
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Book with local people in the community to learn about their livelihoods. Vayando is a community driven tool that connects travelers with local entrepreneurs in emerging economies. We provide unique experiences for travelers and income generating opportunity for the entrepreneurs on our platform. Vayando partners with a range of affiliates to help make your travel experience more unique.
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