Kurema, Kureba, Kwiga

  1. Kigali, Rwanda

Kurema, Kureba, Kwiga works with professional Rwandan artists to create works of art that transform spaces and places through color and creativity.

Founded in 2013 with a mission of “bringing art out of the gallery and into the streets,” Kurema is working to put more color into the lives of people across Rwanda through unique community art-actions and custom creative commissions that drive social change and community development. Kurema brings a range of stakeholders together through strategic partnerships to deliver meaningful projects with shared value; to date the team has developed over 50 murals across the country, in addition to photography and sculpture projects as well as workshops, exhibitions, trainings, and group activities.

Experiences with Local Entrepreneurs

Tire Sandals with Atinga Project Kigali, Rwanda

Brass Jewelry Making with Abraham Kigali, Rwanda

Traditional Drumming and Dance with Pacifique Kigali, Rwanda

Boxing with Theoneste Kigali, Rwanda

Nyamirambo Street Painting with Serge Kigali, Rwanda

Modern Embroidery with Xaverine Kigali, Rwanda

Basket Weaving with Grace Kigali, Rwanda

Street Photography with Yakubu Kigali, Rwanda

Nutritious Bread Baking with Faith and The Women's Bakery Team Kigali, Rwanda

Fabric Creations with Ineza Kigali, Rwanda

Art Creation with Inema Artists Kigali, Rwanda

Woodworking with Irenee Kigali, Rwanda

Jewelry Making with Ejo Hazaza Cooperative Kigali, Rwanda

Traditional Cooking with Aminatha Kigali, Rwanda

HipHop and Afro-Fusion with Poppin Chris Kigali, Rwanda

Tour of Kigali with Faustin Kigali, Rwanda

Coffee, Cupcakes, and Conversation with Haute Baso Kigali, Rwanda

Web Development with OpenTek Kigali, Rwanda

Leather Sandal Making with Twiyubake Cooperative Kigali, Rwanda

Fashion Design with Rupari Kigali, Rwanda

Auto Mechanics with Mapozi Kigali, Rwanda

Imigongo Traditional Art with Kakira Imigongo Cooperative Kavuzo, Rwanda

Basket Weaving with the Basket Weavers of Muhanga Muhanga, Rwanda

Rice farming with COCURIBU Rwamagana, Rwanda

Basket Weaving with Donatha Muramba, Rwanda

Beekeeping with Sylvestre Muramba, Rwanda

Tailoring with Mama Claudine Muramba, Rwanda

Social Enterprise

Kurema, Kureba, Kwiga is Rwanda’s preeminent public-arts social enterprise and custom art services
27 local entrepreneurs
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