Managua, Nicaragua

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Entrepreneurs Around Town

The World of Coffee with Café Las Marías Managua, Managua

Café Las Marías was started by a family that has worked in coffee for many generations. She started Cafe Las Marías to offer specialty coffee from bean to cup. Their mission is to offer consumers an authentically Nicaraguan coffee experience and offer multiple methods of infusion, not just the espresso machine that is offered in typical coffee shops. In our shop we keep an open concept where you can see everything from the roasting to the preparation of our coffees.

Watercolor 101 with Charlie's Managua, Managua

Karla Jaimes is the founder and owner of Charlie's: Handmade accessories and crafts. She has a passion for handmade products and all things creative. She is nicaragüense por gracia de Dios and has been working since she was 15. She is married and has a beautiful 2-year-old baby. 3 years ago she started her business: Charlie's, as a way to generate additional income. She took a course to learn how to make bows and very soon her clients started asking for customized designs. Her dream is to make people fall in love with creating beautiful products with their own hands and to share her creativity with visitors

Bonsai Trees and Local Horticulture with Berna Managua, Managua

Berna Flores loves nature, and when she started her own business she was inspired by her experiences visiting a family farm every weekend where she became fascinated by the diversity of plants available in Nicaragua. She is now an expert on trees and plants that grow locally. Her motivation was always to replicate the landscapes she had seen in her very own garden, but the lack of a wide space became a challenge. This gave her the idea to start a miniature forest in her home with bonsai trees and exotic plants and she became so passionate about it that it turned into a business: Epifania.

Organic Personal Care Products with Aymara and Madreselva Managua, Managua

Aymara is from Managua and is the owner of the small business: Madreselva. She and her team develop innovative products with original formulas that are handmade, organic, and environmentally friendly. Their aspiration is to support the local economy, to contribute towards their customer's wellness and health, and at the same time protect the environment. Madreselva is located in a residential area on the southern edge of Managua. They make all of their products on site.

Traveling to Managua

How to get to Managua:

From the Airport:   Nicaragua's international airport is located in Carretera Norte, about 10 kilometers from the city center. There are many alternatives to get around including local taxis -which are usually pricier if you are starting your trip from the airport but you can negotiate the fee in advance depending on your destination.

From other towns/cities in Nicaragua:  Managua is known, amongs other things, for having streets with no names.  Although some main roads do have an official name, locals do not often use them, so an address can turn into a headache if you don't have your proper coordenates.

As a rule of thumb when moving around, directions are usually based in referents points and coordenates: i.e.: North of ..., three blocks southeast of..., etc. 

If you are having any difficulties finding a specific location, do not hesitate in asking around, people will be extremely friendly and willing to help.


Often overlooked by tourists, there are still many things to see and do in Managua. It is known as the city with most trees-per-capita in the Americas, and one of the cheapest and lower-cost-of-living capitals in the continent. Which is true when you travel like a local, prices can get very steep when you visit typical touristy venues.

Managua also enjoys a very active cultural scene and lively nightlife, and can provide a small taste of all the richness that Nicaragua has to offer.

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