$34 per person
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High quality paper beading
Social Enterprise Experience in Granada, Nicaragua · Hosted by Up Nicaragua

2 hours
2 - 15 people
Very Easy Difficulty
Available Mon - Sat, 9am or 11am
Speaks English, Spanish

About the experience

Learn the art of high quality paper beading and make your own pieces of jewelry while having a conversation about how this social enterprise designs, creates and commercializes handcrafts to raise funds for girls’ education and scholarships in Granada, Nicaragua. This is a creative experience that allows you to meet local people who are doing great things for their own community. 100% of the profits generated through this experience are re-invested into more opportunities for UPNicaragua girls.

What's provided

Tools & materials: All tools and materials for paper beading and jewelry making.
Filtered water, coffee or tea & Nicaraguan treats

What your should bring

Comfortable, modest clothing
Open heart & mind


About Up Nicaragua

Xiomara is UP Nicaragua's founder and a social entrepreneur, she has been living in Granada for the last 10 years where she co-founded The Garden Café and the Thousand Cranes shop, both businesses generate 30 full-time direct employments & work to promote positive community impact as well as tourism industry sustainability.

In 2011 Xiomara had a revealing experience in her restaurant, which made her aware of the vulnerability girls face in Nicaragua, especially in tourist destinations. This experience pushed her to reach out to other members of the community and businesses, since then she has been contributing to the protection and empowerment of girls through education.

In 2015, Xiomara founded Unleash Potential Nicaragua, a non-profit social enterprise with the mission to educate, empower and inspire low-income Nicaraguan girls and with the vision that UPNicaragua girls become conscious, educated and dynamic women with bright futures who want to and are able to contribute to the development of Nicaraguan society.