Across South Sudan

December 6, 2016

I feel pretty fortunate to have had the chance to work in - and photograph - so many corners of South Sudan. I've been there on three separate contracts - mostly in programatic roles - with a number of different humanitarian organizations. I'm almost always there with camera in tow. I've been there for several months at a time, and up to a year. It's the kind of place that pushes you in every direction, and pretty much on every emotional level. In the humanitarian world, South Sudan is known as a challenging post. There's very little infrastructure with few paved roads, no real electrical grid to speak of, markets that run dry, and spaces between neighboring towns whose distance can be insurmountable for months on end. Armed conflict has seemed to plague South Sudan at almost every step. It's an enduring and stoic place, however, with infectious smiles, and a country that captures your imagination and demands respect. The strength of Southern Sudanese is admirable to say the least. It's one of those places where you know you'll be back.

My name is Jason Seagle. I'm a co-founder of Vayando and my background is in food security and livelihood development. While South Sudan might not be on our near term list of target countries, it's a place I hope we'll one day have the chance to market. The potential there is limitless.

The images above were mostly taken near Maban County in Upper Nile State and around Warrap State and the Abyei region. GOAL Ireland is the organization I was with at the time.

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