$20 per person
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Heart of Palm Farming
Farming Experience in Rancho Quemado, Costa Rica · Hosted by Enrique

3 hours
1 - 10 people
Low Difficulty
Available Mon - Fri, 9am, 10am, 11am, 12pm, 1pm, 2pm, or 3pm
Speaks Spanish
English interpreters available

About the experience

Join Enrique and Alice for a tour of the heart of palm farm behind their home in plush Rancho Quemado. Don't be surprised if bright scarlet macaws fly over head during your visit. Learn the process of planting and harvesting the delicious heart of palm. It's not as easy as it looks! Be careful for sharp thorns on the trees and don't mess around with the machete. Once Enrique has helped you cut a few pieces, take your heart of palm inside to cook with his wife, Alice. Ask about different recipes, such as palm ceviche, heart of palm honey, salad, picadillo, etc. Chop, cook, and eat some heart of palm with your own two hands!

What's provided

Food and drink.

What your should bring

Boots or sneakers, insect repellent, rain gear.


About Enrique

Over 10 years ago, Alice and her family were working in coffee production. After pregnancy and for health reasons, Alice had to leave this business. That is when she began partnering with her husband to open a joint venture: local cabins and heart of palm production. They value the ability to be independent which comes from owning your own business. Their vision is to be able to help other families generate income and hopefully offer a better quality of life to future employees.