$25 per person
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Bread Baking
Culinary Experience in Rancho Quemado, Costa Rica · Hosted by Jessica

4 hours
1 - 5 people
Low Difficulty
Available Mon - Fri, 9am or 2pm
Speaks Spanish
English interpreters available

About the experience

Make homemade bread in Jessica's kitchen and, if you'd like, hop on a bicycle afterwards and join Jessica riding around the community and selling hot bread straight from your basket. Choose between making baguettes, pastries, and other specialties that use local sugar cane from the neighbor's farm. Learn what ingredients to mix, get your hands kneading the dough. and enjoy the fresh smell from the hot oven. The whole community will know that there is bread in the oven! Some freshly baked bread of your choosing and hot coffee are included in the price.

This experience happens year round. However, in October there is substantial amount of rain in the region, causing the rivers to flood and making transportation a bit more of a challenge. On the bright side, people eat more bread (with hot coffee) when it's raining so business is still up and running!

What's provided

Apron and Hair Net.

What your should bring

Long-sleeved shirts and pants are idea for working with bread. Jewelry must be removed and a change of clothes is suggested, since it gets very hot!


About Jessica

Jessica studied eco-tourism at a Costa Rican University, which is what first brought her to the Osa Peninsula. She came to do a practicum at a local biological station. When she learned about Rancho Quemado, she quickly became involved in a number of community activities, including the local community development association and women's group. Her organizational and leadership skills have helped her earn a lot of respect in the community and she receives a lot of local support for her bakery.

Jessica is passionate about keeping the community organized and united, so that each person specializes in a trade and can share amongst one another. This will allow Rancho Quemado to use their natural resources in a sustainable self-sufficient manner.