$120 per person
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Organic Cacao Farm and Artisinal Chocolate Processing
Farming Experience in Yorkin, Costa Rica · Hosted by Otilia

3 hours
1 - 35 people
Moderate Difficulty
Available Sun - Fri, 9am, 10am, 11am, 12pm, 1pm, or 2pm
Speaks Spanish, English

About the experience

Enjoy a day - or more - with Otilia and her extensive and friendly family in the isolated indigenous community of Yorkin.

Yorkin can be reached only by motorized canoe or by a 1.5 hour hike. On the way you will see numerous waterfalls, rock walls and diverse birds and wildlife. Upon arrival to Yorkin, Otilia's eco-tourism association "Aventuras Naturales de Yorkin" offers various activities. Their property lies on a hilltop where you will receive a tour of their traditional medicinal plant garden and enjoy the views of the jungles and hilltops of both Costa Rica and Panama from their traditional "ranchos" with thatched-leaf roofs. A demonstration of traditional cacao processing into baking chocolate and hot chocolate is also offered, including a tasting with homegrown organic bananas of course. In addition, the family is currently in the process of building a chocolate processing plant for sale of the finished product outside of the community. The goal of the chocolate processing plant is to offer producers a better price for their product than outside processing companies.

This experience is a beautiful blend of traditional indigenous lifestyle with a chance to get to know humble and hard-working farmers who love nothing more than telling their story.

What's provided

Private rooms are available as well as sleeping in a tent in an open balcony.

What your should bring

Rubber boots are a must. The family does have many extras to lend to travellers however. If you prefer to buy your own you can do so in the Convenience Store in Bambu or in the Chinese grocery store in Bribri. Insect repellent and a flashlight are strongly recommended. Light, long sleeved clothing/long pants as well as a sun hat and bathing suit are also recommended.


About Otilia

Otilia is a native of the remote Bribri community, Boca Uren, Talamanca. As a respected elder she has in depth knowledge about the history of this area. Her late husband, Guillermo grew up in a family of subsistence farmers here in Yorkin. He used to brag that he was often allowed to spend days fishing instead of working on the farm since he was the only son who was guaranteed to catch enough fish to feed the family. Otilia's family is currently in the process of building a cacao processing plant in order to shorten the supply chain from the producer to the shelves. They are driven and determined to create a system in which the farmers can benefit from selling their products at fair prices.