$20 per person
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Pigs and Pancakes
Culinary Experience in Argendora, Costa Rica · Hosted by Elias and Ana Cecilia

3 hours
1 - 10 people
Very Easy Difficulty
Available Sun - Sat, 8am
Speaks Spanish
English interpreters available

About the experience

While they are not really pancakes like you may be used to, these traditional corn "choriadas" are made from fresh ground corn. Ana Cecilia and her husband Elias will give you a tour of their farm that includes fruits and vegetables of the area, African Palms, and sugar cane all of which help to feed the gigantic pigs they have! The pig farm is where they gain the majority of their income by breeding and selling baby pigs, but seeing the adult pigs is the true spectacle!

After the farm tour you will pick fresh corn, shuck and peel it, and then manually grind it in a traditional hand held machine used here in Guanacaste. After the grinding process she will teach you how to make a "choriada", a mix between a thick corn totrtilla and a sweet pancake.

What's provided

You will be provided with all materials and tools to pick and shuck corn, grind it, and cook amazing choriadas. You may even have the chance to eat some seasonal fruits or try fresh squeezed sugar cane juice.

What your should bring

Depending on the season, Argendora can be very rainy. Rain jackets, hats, umbrellas, rubber boots (or good hiking boots), and bug spray are all highly encouraged.


About Elias and Ana Cecilia

The community of Argendora is just starting to welcome small tours of adventurous travelers to the area. The majority of the community members here make a living off of farming and small handicrafts, but all are looking forward to what tourism will bring for their future.