$20 per person
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Majagua Weaving
Crafts Experience in Argendora, Costa Rica · Hosted by Rudi and Enrique

3 hours
1 - 10 people
Low Difficulty
Available Sun - Sat, 8am
Speaks Spanish
English interpreters available

About the experience

While it is not the traditional weaving you may have in mind, Rudi and Enrique make exquisite baskets and bags by a traditional form of knotting. You will first take a small tour of their medicinal plant garden and learn about the Majagua tree. You will then see the process of extracting the fibers from the tree and learn how to make your own rope/twine. From there Enrique and Rudi will demonstrate the knotting process for bags and the basket weaving technique for other forms. You will leave with your very own piece of twine made from the process you have learned! You will also have the opportunity to shop the many other products they make such as carved bowls made from jicara, a local gourd like fruit, or their original water bottle holder bags.

A light refreshment of tea or juice made from the plants in their medicinal garden will also be provided.

What's provided

You will be provided with all the tools and materials to make your very own Majagua rope, along with a light refreshment of tea or juice made from local plants and fruits.

What your should bring

Depending on the season, Argendora can be very rainy. Rainjackets, hats, umberellas, rubber boots (or strong hiking boots), and bug spray are all highly encouraged.


About Rudi and Enrique

The community of Argendora is just starting to welcome small tours of adventurous travelers to the area. The majority of the community members here make a living off of farming and small handicrafts, but all are looking forward to what tourism will bring for their future.

Rudi and Enrique travel throughout the country working at and showcasing in local art shows.