$30 per person
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Artisanal Painting
Arts Experience in Bijagua, Costa Rica · Hosted by Mari

2 hours
1 - 15 people
Low Difficulty
Available Mon - Sat, 9am
Speaks Spanish
English interpreters available

About the experience

Mari welcomes you into her arty wooden home, built on the side of the river in the beautiful valley of Bijagua. Spend a couple hours with her where she will guide you in painting local birds. Take a glimpse into the rainforest from her window where you are likely to catch a glimpse of a mot mot, toucan de watson, red foot, quetzal, or rainbow toucan. Mari will explain how to prepare the wood, where it comes from and then show you how to draw and paint the birds. Sit in her cozy home and explore the biodiversity of Costa Rica's amazing birds through your paintbrush.

What's provided

Bamboo, wood, paint, and paint brushes. 

What your should bring

Clothes that you can get paint on and don't forget some bug repellent. 


About Mari

Painting is Mari's primary source of income. She is helping to support a household of 4 along with her husband who works in agriculture. Mari has been officially painting as a business for three years, selling at many local and national fairs. She is often invited to participate in various markets across the country. Painting birds is Mari's passion and she would do it day and night if she could. As part of her studies, she spent hours walking through the mountains watching birds in silence. This is how she fell in love with the mountains, forests, landscapes and birds. As a child, Mari remembers that her Grandma used to put bananas in the trees to feed all the animals that came around so she has always been surrounded with admiration for wildlife.