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Do you live and work in one of Vayando's countries of operation? Are you interested in hosting small groups of travelers for the day to share your livelihood practice with them? If you think you might be a good fit we'd like to hear from you to share more.

Vayando is an online booking platform that markets local entrepreneurs in emerging economies around the world. We provide a platform for entrepreneurs that have interest and motivation in sharing their livelihood practices, skillsets, or local business to market and connect directly with travelers visiting their areas. Travelers browse through profiles in the country they are traveling and book to spend a day with these individuals, or the cooperatives they are members of.

The platform is free for entrepreneurs to manage a profile. All the entrepreneur needs is a basic cell phone to confirm and manage bookings, and receive payment. Entrepreneurs earn 75% of each booking and payment is made via mobile money. Travelers get a unique local experience while entrepreneurs gain opportunity to diversify their income or build their small business.

Reach out below introducing yourself and we'll get back in touch with your regarding next steps.


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