$25 per person
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Tailoring Experience in Muramba, Rwanda · Hosted by Mama Claudine

3 hours
1 - 3 people
Low Difficulty
Available Mon - Fri, 9am
Speaks Kinyarwanda, French
English interpreters available

About the experience

Come spend a morning with Mama Claudine learning how to tailor in rural northwestern Rwanda. Mama Claudine takes pride in what she does and likes to teach others. Travelers passing through can come spend the morning with her learning a bit more about her trade. She will take you to the market to buy local fabric - and help negotiate a fair price with traders - then work with you in coming up with your own design to produce on one of her foot pedal sewing machines. You will make your own shirt, dress, or bag to take with you.

What's provided

The host will provide all basic materials needed to sew. Including use of one of three foot peddle sewing macines, thread, needles, scissors, work space, and technical guidance. Visitors get to take home the design they produce.

What your should bring

Mama Claudine's shop is near the market so you will be able to purchase water, a local meal, or small snack if needed. Make sure to bring comfortable shoes for standing and walking around town. Travelers can buy fabric in the local market or bring with them from a larger market in the country if preferred. It is recommended that travelers book an English interpreter from the community to facilitate the visit.


About Mama Claudine

Mama Claudine is a self made seamstress near Muramba, Rwanda. She makes a living off of farming and sewing, and owns one cow. She has three children and has taken in an orphan from the community. Sewing is a good way for her to earn income, send her kids to school, and to help her family and neighbors too. Mama Claudine says she is entrepreneurial because she is motivated to promote her business as well as support others in the community.