Western Province, Rwanda

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About Muramba

The village of Muramba is spread along a mountain ridge in the Western Province of Rwanda (Gatega, the village where some entrepreneurs listed are based is adjacent to Muramba just uphill towards the west). The community is home to a market, six schools, a large catholic church, and a health center. Most residents are subsistence farmers who grow a variety of crops such as beans, corn, plantains, cassava, and taro root. Families sometimes complement their livelihoods by keeping shop, selling produce at the market, etc. There is electricity in the village centers and water sources are spread throughout the community. Visitors can buy bottled water, small snacks, and tea at local shops. There are also a few restaurants that serve Rwandan dishes for a cheap price. Located high in the mountains, beautiful hikes are available with stunning views of the volcanoes.

Around Town

Traveling to Muramba

To reach Gatega and Muramba, visitors coming from Kigali should travel by express bus from Nyabugogo bus park in Kigali to Ngororero town in the Western province. There are multiple bus lines that operate this route, and tickets cost 1,700RWF and takes about 2 hours. At Ngororero, visitors should take a smaller bus towards Gaseka, to Gatega (not to be confused with Gitega, which is nearby) for 500RWF and lasting about 30 minutes. At the bus stop along the paved road in Gatega, visitors can either walk down the dirt road to the village of Gatega (about 30 minutes hike) or continue to Muramba (another 10 minutes down the road), or they can take a moto. Motos cost 300RWF to Gatega or 500RWF to Muramba. From Musanze, visitors should take a bus West to Mukamira. This costs 400RWF and lasts about 30 minutes. At Mukamira, they should travel with International Express to Gatega. This costs 1,000RWF and takes one hour. From Gisenyi, visitors should buy a ticket with International Express to Gatega for 1,500RWF. The trip lasts about 2 hours.


Accommodation: Rooms can be arranged through the priests at the main parish in Muramba. The same can be done at the College of the Immaculate Conception (the boarding school in Muramba.) The rooms there include a bed, little sitting area, and bathroom attached- basic but nice and clean. Meals can arranged with the nuns at the school. There is also a hotel in Ngororero. Restaurants: Locally available serving Rwandan dishes