Swimming Cows with Samuel

Cows can swim! On your visit to Lake Kivu, be sure to check out Samuel's swimming cows. Samuel is a local dairy farmer who manages a herd of about 30 cows on the beautiful Kumugongwe Island of Lake Kivu, in Rwanda's Eastern Province. On this unique visit, you'll head to the island Samuel lives and works on in a small motor boat, driven by Olivier, a local motor boat operator. This booking does not include the cost of Olivier's motor boat that will take you to the fishing boats. The price for the shuttle boat is paid separately, and the price structure is approximately 25,000 - 40,000 for 1-5 people - $30-50. The visit will start with a steep, but short (about 2-5 minutes) hike up the hillside to reach Samuel's basic milking operation. You'll get to try your hand at milking cows, or just take a nice walk around the island and see where his cows graze. He's also got quite a few small calves, which are always happy and curious to see you, and even have their heads scratched. After the visit to Samuel's island, you'll head back to the boat, where Olivier will position you in the perfect spot for watching Samuel's cows swim across Lake Kivu to a different island where they will spend the rest of the day grazing.

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