$50 per person
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Night Fishing
Fishing Experience in Kibuye and Gitesi, Rwanda · Hosted by Pesche Cooperative

3.5 hours
1 - 5 people
Moderate Difficulty
Available Sun - Sat, 5:30pm
Speaks Kinyarwanda, English

About the experience

Lake Kivu is one of Rwanda's main attractions, and we certainly understand why. If you've spent time on, or near, the lake at night, you've undoubtedly seen (and heard) the night fisherman of Lake Kivu. In this unique experience, you'll get to join up with one of the fishing teams and learn about the important tradition of fishing on Lake Kivu!

As the sun goes down over the lake, you'll board a small motor boat that will take you right up to the fishing boats. From there you'll have the chance to board the hand-made fishing boat, meet the fishing team, learn about the process, and (when it's time to raise the nets) experience how strenuous and strategic the work really is. You can head back to shore whenever you're ready, but most likely after they pull the nets for the first time. You'll get to take home a small amount of sambaza from the catch, and if you're staying at Home Saint Jean in Kibuye, they'll cook the sambaza for you at no extra cost.

What's provided

Life jacket, and the deep knowledge about sambaza fishing on Lake Kivu. This booking includes the cost of the shuttle boat that will take you to the fishing boats.

What your should bring

Drinking water, camera, warm clothes, headlamp, clothes that might get wet or dirty.


About Pesche Cooperative

Some of the fishing cooperatives on the lake have been around since 1975, and many fisherman have over 20 years of experience. Of course, there are many young men who have grown up on fishing boats, and are now members of fishing cooperatives.

Lake Kivu fisherman are know to sing when they're rowing. The songs, called ekiovu and amasare and sung to encourage strength among the rowers.

Customer Reviews

Sidonie · July, 2018

Just wanted to let you know that all went well and that we had a terrific time.

Kelly · June, 2018

It was as fantastic, we loved it. We accidentally broke the seat in the boat but we gave them some extra money to fix it! Thank you again for such a wonderful experience.

Bill · June, 2018

Night fishing was really great.  Some of the students said it was their favorite outing.

Evelien · November, 2017

It was impressive to really experience the hard work these fishermen do in the dark, on the lake, to catch the little sambaza fish. The techniques they used and that are passed on from generation to generation are so mind blowing. We absolutely loved it! It was a bit uncomforting to get part of their catch of the day (the little sambaza). I was confident that the fisher men would receive good money for it, but it would be great if the guide would emphasize they are paid for it. This it not awkward at all to mention it, getting the fish after all their hard work felt more awkward.

Clare · March, 2017

What a unique and fascinating experience! From the tranquility of Lake Kivu at night to the warm chuckles of the fishermen as we (struggled to) pull in the nets, this experience was the perfect balance of informative and magical. A must for any adventurer's Rwanda bucket list. John was a wonderful translator and encouraged us to ask questions. He also supplied information that I didn't even think to ask! Also Murakoze cyane to Aphrodis and Emmanuel, from Karara.