Coffee Farming with Aime

We're guessing you probably drink coffee, or at least know someone who does. If you've never had the chance to visit a coffee farm, here's a great opportunity for you. Come spend some time at a father and son coffee farm and washing station. On this visit, you'll get to see how coffee is grown, harvested, washed, dried, and packaged for export. You'll be welcome to pick coffee and participate in any of the activities taking place that day. In addition, you'll learn all there is to know about the coffee growing and washing process. At the end of the visit, Aime and his father Gahizi will prepare for you a cup of their own coffee. We think you'll appreciate your morning cup of coffee a lot more after a visit to the family coffee farm. You can arrive to the farm anytime between 7:30am and 5:00pm, depending on what you want to experience. The general farm and coffee washing station schedule is as follows: 7:30am-2:00pm (M-F) coffee picking 7:30am-9:30am coffee washing 9:30am start sorting coffee and other farm jobs Noon - 1pm lunch 1pm - 5pm coffee sorting and other farm jobs Coffee washing sometimes takes place in the afternoon, but there are no guarantees.

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