Kibuye and Gitesi

Western Province, Rwanda

2S°3'5" 29E°20'43"

Entrepreneurs Around Town

Coffee Farming with Aime Kibuye and Gitesi, Western Province

GAHIZI, Aime's father, is from Karongi District, Gitesi Sector, and is the former manager of the local branch of a major bank. He was also a teacher in a secondary school in Congo. He went to Burundi in 1990 and started a coffee shop and restaurant. He eventually returned to Rwanda and was on the city council of Kicukiro District in Kigali. In 2000, he started planting coffee and started Gitesi Coffee Washing Station. Gitesi started harvesting coffee in 2004 and started the washing station in 2006. After overcoming 4 years of challenges, they perfected the coffee washing process in 2010, and Aime joined the family business 2011. Their goal is to buy more land each year and plant about 2,000 more trees.

Swimming Cows with Samuel Kibuye and Gitesi, Western Province

Samuel has been raising cows in the Lake Kivu area since he was a small boy. After losing both of his parents in the 1994 Genocide against the Tutsi, Samuel started raising cows as a way to provide for himself. Now in his late 20s, Samuel continues the livelihood his parents taught him. Raising his cows is Samuel's life. He milks twice a day and lives off the earnings from selling the milk. He also helps support his two sisters with his earnings, and is saving up to build a simple house for his sisters.

Night Fishing with Pesche Cooperative Kibuye and Gitesi, Western Province

Some of the fishing cooperatives on the lake have been around since 1975, and many fisherman have over 20 years of experience. Of course, there are many young men who have grown up on fishing boats, and are now members of fishing cooperatives. Lake Kivu fisherman are know to sing when they're rowing. The songs, called ekiovu and amasare and sung to encourage strength among the rowers.

About Kibuye and Gitesi

Kibuye is a city in Karongi District, and the headquarters of the Western Province in Rwanda.


Kibuye has a lot to offer in terms of clean / comfortable places to stay - Hotel Saint Jean overlooking Lake Kivu is one for example - and plenty of restaraunt choices. There are a number of banks to withdraw money if needed. For local nightlife, check out.... and... nearby the lake.