$50 per person
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Night Fishing on Lake Kivu
Fishing Experience in Gisenyi, Rwanda · Hosted by Gisenyi Fishing Cooperative

3 hours
1 - 10 people
Moderate Difficulty
Available Sun - Sat, 6pm
Speaks English, French, Kinyarwanda

About the experience

Being in a traditional Rwandan boat after the sun sets on Lake Kivu, fishing for sambaza, is quite possibly one of Rwanda's most unique offerings.

What's provided

Life jacket, and the deep knowledge about sambaza fishing on Lake Kivu. This booking includes the cost of the shuttle boat that will take you to the fishing boats.

What your should bring

Drinking water, camera, warm clothes, headlamp, clothes that might get wet or dirty.


About Gisenyi Fishing Cooperative

Lake Kivu is one of Rwanda's main attractions, and we certainly understand why. If you've spent time on, or near, the lake at night, you've undoubtedly seen (and heard) the night fisherman of Lake Kivu. In this unique experience, you'll get to join up with one of the fishing teams and learn about the important tradition of fishing on Lake Kivu!

As the sun goes down over the lake, you'll board a small motor boat that will take you right up to the fishing boats. From there you'll have the chance to board the hand-made fishing boat, meet the fishing team, learn about the process, and (when it's time to raise the nets) experience how strenuous and strategic the work really is. You can head back to shore whenever you're ready, but most likely after they pull the nets for the first time.