Tire Sandals with Atinga Project

For this experience in Kigali, we've teamed up with The Atinga Project to bring you a very unique opportunity to make your own sandals! The Kigali Custom Fit is at the heart of what The Atinga Project is all about: walking a mile in the shoes of people who are so often labeled as poor or portrayed as needy. During this experience, you will literally have that opportunity - to walk a mile in their shoes - and get custom-fitted atingas made on the spot by the artisan-shoemakers of Kigali. You’ll be escorted by Atinga Rwanda Director Jean (‘John’) Bosco to the workshops of Atinga Artisan-Shoemakers to learn about fairtrade footwear, eco-friendly repurposing of materials, and the atinga tire-sandal production process.

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