$35 per person
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Tire Sandals
Fashion Experience in Kigali, Rwanda · Hosted by Atinga Project

3 hours
1 - 10 people
Low Difficulty
Available Mon - Sat, 8am, 12pm, or 4pm
Speaks Kinyarwanda
French and English interpreters available

About the experience

For this experience in Kigali, we've teamed up with The Atinga Project to bring you a very unique opportunity to make your own sandals!

The Kigali Custom Fit is at the heart of what The Atinga Project is all about: walking a mile in the shoes of people who are so often labeled as poor or portrayed as needy. During this experience, you will literally have that opportunity - to walk a mile in their shoes - and get custom-fitted atingas made on the spot by the artisan-shoemakers of Kigali.

You’ll be escorted by Atinga Rwanda Director Jean (‘John’) Bosco to the workshops of Atinga Artisan-Shoemakers to learn about fairtrade footwear, eco-friendly repurposing of materials, and the atinga tire-sandal production process.

What's provided

Rwandan Co-Founder of The Atinga Project, Jean Bosco, will be your facilitator. He’ll have everything you need to visit the artisan-shoemakers, learn about their life and work, and help you get a pair of handmade atingas fitted to your feet!

What your should bring

Bring some bottled water and a bag to haul out your old kicks! You’ll be walking away like a local in a pair of custom-fitted tire-sandals.


About Atinga Project

The “One for One” movement became so out of control in 2011, that three college students began extensive research on supply chains in Africa in order to better communicate the economic injustice of hand-outs and explore alternatives. What they found were the victims behind those hand-outs: the entrepreneurial, informal network of artisan-shoemakers. Informed chiefly by them, Atinga was formed to defend and support their livelihoods and openly compete against this movement with their very own footwear - Africa’s most humble shoes.

You can read more about the artisan-shoemakers behind this incredible Project on their website.

Customer Reviews

Greg · March, 2017

Bosco provided me with a brief history of the Atinga Project and explained the process of training the artisans. One of the artisans then made me a customized pair of sandals. It was really great to see these guys learning a trade and producing durable footwear out of tires and other locally-sourced materials. The sandals turned out great and fit perfectly!