The Entrepreneurs of Kigali with Faustin

Can't decide which Vayando entrepreneur you'd like to spend some time with? No problem. How about a short visit several of the talented entrepreneurs featured on Vayando?

On the Entrepreneurs of Kigali experience Faustin will take you to meet 3 or 4 of Vayando's featured entrepreneurs. You'll get to spend about 30-45 minutes with each entrepreneur, then hop back on your moto-taxi, or car taxi and head to the next. During this time you'll get to view their spaces, watch them work, ask questions, take photos, and get a brief introduction to their unique work.

This is a great opportunity to jump on a moto-taxi (or car taxi) and bounce around Kigali with Faustin to see what Vayando's entrepreneurs are up to that day.

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