Street Photography with Yakubu
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$45 per person


Duration: 3 hours
Group Size: 1 - 15 people
Difficulty: Moderate
Start Time: 9am or 5pm
Weekly: Mon - Fri
Seasons: Jan - Jun, Oct - Dec


English Level: High
Languages: Kinyarwanda


What's provided

Yakubu provides the skills and local knowledge of Kigali. He'll bring his photography equipment for his own use. 

What you should bring

You need your own camera. It can be as simple as an iPhone, a point and shoot, or full on DSLR. It's up to you. As with all street photography, it's recommended to dress modestly, wear comfortable shoes for walking, bring some rain gear and water, and carry a small day pack. Any additional moto or taxi fares not include in the booking rate. Please note that some locals will request a small monetary contribution to have their photo taken. This is fairly customary in Rwanda so please bring small change to help Jack cover.

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Street Photography with Yakubu

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Come spend an afternoon - or evening - with Yakubu photographing the streets of Kigali. Yakubu will guide you through city districts that he knows well, and you'll shoot together. And if you'd like, he can also walk you through the fundamentals (e.g. composition, depth of field, ISO) of what makes a good image. You'll meet at Kigali City Tower then head by moto or taxi to different districts. Due to the country's history, street photography can a bit of a sensitive issue in Rwanda. This is a great ways for getting to see different sides of the city and meet lots of local people through the lens.

Yakubu is one of Kigali's most up and coming photographers. His dream is to be the first Rwandan photographer to present his country to the outside world, show them what the real Rwanda is all about. Tired of hearing about Rwanda only in connection to genocide and reconciliation, Yakubu wants to demonstrate that the genocide is a reality of the past. The Rwanda of today, he says, is a fast growing country full of opportunities and beauty, but also challenges. This is what deserves to be known.

"I want to capture the way we live, feel, dance, speak, look, walk, dress, do our hair. I want to show the culture and traditions of Rwanda."
- Yakubu

About Yakubu

Yakubu was born and raised in the land of thousand hills. During the genocide in the 1990's his family moved from the Southern Province to Kigali capital in search of a better life. He is a photographer specialized in photojournalism and documentary photography. He received a BFA from Lesley Institute of Art and Design in Boston and now works as a freelance photographer based in Kigali.

Work Experience

Yakubu became interested in photography in 2009 when he was DJ-ing and selling CDs on the streets. He turned professional in 2013, specializing in documentary photography. His work focuses on environmental and living conditions over time, especially of socially isolated groups. He realized that although photography is a growing business not many Rwandan photographers are interested in capturing their country.

He currently works with several local and international magazines and websites such as The European Times, Igihe, as well as different NGOs in Rwanda. Yakubu wants to represent Rwanda in different art festivals and exhibitions, create his own gallery and organize his own international festival of photography. He as also started up his own initiate called Learning For Change teaching photography to street kids in Kigali.