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$30 per person


Duration: 3 hours
Group Size: 1 - 15 people
Difficulty: Very Easy
Start Time: 2pm
Weekly: Mon - Sat
Seasons: Jan - Dec

Faith and The Women's Bakery Team

English Level: Low
Languages: Kinyarwanda


What's provided

The bakery will provide all necessary baking materials, ingredients, and even an apron to wear while cooking to keep you clean! You will leave the experience with new recipes in hand, and delicious breads or muffins to snack on!

What you should bring

Nothing is required, but bring a camera and your appetite!

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Nutritious Bread Baking with Faith and The Women's Bakery Team

  1. Rwanda
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  3. Kigali Province
  4. ·
  5. Kigali

Come spend a few hours learning how to bake highly nutritious, locally sourced breads at The Women's Bakery in Kigali.

Bakery employees will walk you through how they source local, nutritious ingredients to produce and sell fortified breads at affordable prices in their communities - meeting local demand with local supply.

The Women’s Bakery (TWB) is a unique social enterprise operating in Rwanda and Tanzania. TWB provides women access to business education, life skills training, and applied baking and nutrition skills. From this, social and economic empowerment are born.

TWB creates access to opportunity through recruiting, training, and employing women who have had little access to education and socio-economic mobility. Previously unemployed, these women are now working daily at the bakery and introducing new, nutritious products to their community. The specialty products include some of the best banana-nut bread and carrot muffins in Rwanda. Karibu!

"I can see the prosperity [in the bakery]. This encourages me in my work and it gives me power to work more every day. There is future in the bakery. -TWB Baker from Remera, Rwanda"
- Faith and The Women's Bakery Team

About Faith and The Women's Bakery Team

Serving in US Peace Corps Rwanda 2010-2012, TWB Co-founders Julie Greene and Markey Culver saw that Rwandan communities lacked economic opportunities for women and access to nutritious foods, specifically bread. In 2014, Greene and Culver began building a business that generates positive social change through local enterprise – a model focused on nutrition, education, and women’s empowerment.
TWB piloted the first program in Tanzania in February 2015, training 20 women and launching 2 small bakeries. Since then, TWB has conducted 4 trainings in Rwanda, training 54 women and 6 men and launching 4 bakeries. TWB has built a vibrant team in our Kigali headquarters, growing from 3 full-time staff in fall 2015 to 8 full time staff and an ever-increasing cohort of part-time and intern staff by summer 2017—with a Rwanda-national majority.
Now, you have the opportunity to come visit TWB’s flagship bakery in the heart of Kigali. The flagship is TWB’s center for women’s education, employment, and health. In providing a warm and inviting space to work, learn, and grow, the flagship also serves as a community gathering space, a catalyst for greater bakery growth, and a home for The Women’s Bakery offices and team.

Work Experience

The women who work at the bakery come from a variety of backgrounds, but all are centered on creating their own future. As one member said, “It has been a challenge, but it has opened our minds. We have seen how we can broaden our thinking, become less shy, and how we can grow. We are no longer shy, we are now confident.”

At our flagship Kigali bakery, 10 women work 6 days per week, producing 500+ pieces of bread per day, reaching an immediate market of 1,000+ people. These 10 women have now tripled their pre-training incomes, hold family health insurance plans, and are contracted as visiting trainers at new bakery trainings.