$25 per person
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Leather Sandal Making
Fashion Experience in Kigali, Rwanda · Hosted by Twiyubake Cooperative

3 hours
1 - 10 people
Moderate Difficulty
Available Mon - Fri, 9am, 1pm
Speaks Kinyarwanda
French and English interpreters available

About the experience

Spend an afternoon with members of the Twiyubake Leather Making Cooperative in Kigali. As part of Hands of Mothers, Twiyubake provides vocational training and income generation for HIV positive men and women. The cooperative's outcomes include improved nutrition, better access to health insurance, and an increase in school fee payment for their children.

During the activity, you'll work with Twiyubake Coop members crafting your own pair of leather sandals, which can include colorful African beadwork.

What's provided

Sewing machine, various colors of leather (black, brown and yellow) and beaded designs.

What your should bring

Any additional decoration they think would be suitable to put on their sandals or just water, snacks, and a camera.


About Twiyubake Cooperative

Twiyubake Leather Sandal Cooperative - organized by Hands of Mothers (Manos de Madres) - is a cohort of incredible young people who did not receive a chance for a proper education, and all living with HIV. Many are the head of their households, struggling to provide for their families. Twiyubake provides an opportunity to grow together as a community, learn new skills, and connect with like-minded individuals who all want a chance to create a better future for themselves and for their families.