Creative Drama Workshop with Hope

Come spend a morning with Hope and the team at Mashirika Performing Arts and Media Company. Rwanda is known for many things, but few know the depth of which the performing arts helped in the reconciliation process in Rwanda following the Genocide Against the Tutsi in 1994; few, outside of Hope. Through years of creating devised theatre and using theatre as a tool for social transformation, Hope has created a home-grown methodology that focuses on resilience and reconciliation. She is happy to share this methodology with you in a custom workshop that will have you moving and feeling as you collaboratively create performances utilizing dance, movement, and poetry.
Mashirika is recognized throughout East Africa and the world as writers and researchers have come to experience the work that Hope has created. Hope is moved by the connection she shares with the people she meets; a connection of humanity, acceptance, love, and art. Striving to move past the themes of the genocide, Hope has found that our shared humanity is what connects everyone; people are not born evil but when there is a disconnect of their humanity to that of another, they can become evil. These themes are so simple to understand, but so difficult in practice living in a world of constant conflict. Come share some time with Hope and experience the power of theatre as a tool for connection.

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