Coffee, Cupcakes, and Conversation with Haute Baso

Haute Baso is one of Rwanda’s top design brands and social enterprises. They are a boutique and high-skills training movement celebrating “Made in Rwanda”. Preserving traditional skills is a major focus. The company works with hundreds of traditional artists, weavers, bead workers, and more around Rwanda sourcing their initial designs, then accenting that work with modern elements. They have received global coverage for the quality of their designs and mission, which - at its core - is focused on elevating and educating women, leveraging e-commerce and taking great care of the artisans they train and from whom they source materials. Come spend a day at Haute Baso’s shop with Linda enjoying coffee and conversation. As a co-founder, Linda will discuss Haute Baso’s journey from starting out of the back of a car, to building the company and creating social impact, to challenges of scaling the brand and program. She will detail her experience working with various retailers and partners around the world and how they are working on leveraging recent media and opportunities and obtaining funding to be able to meet growing demand and manage cash flows. This is an excellent opportunity to understand what it means to be a business owner focused on social good in Rwanda today.

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