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$25 per person


Duration: 2.5 hours
Group Size: 1 - 10 people
Difficulty: Moderate
Start Time: 10am
Weekly: Sun - Sat
Seasons: Jan - Dec


English Level: Low
Languages: Kinyarwanda, French


What's provided

The host will provide all basic materials needed. Including work space and technical guidance. Visitors get to take home the design they produce, a small sample of Agaseke basket and brochure on Rwandan basketry.

What you should bring

Bring a camera and the good will to learn traditional Rwandan basket weaving.

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Basket Weaving with Grace

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Come spend some time with Grace learning traditional Rwandan basket weaving! On this 2.5 hour visit, Grace, Nyamirabo Women's Center's basket making instructor, will show you the complex technique of sisal basket weaving from start to finish. You'll also have the opportunity to create something small of your own, with Grace's help, if you need it!

Grace will share with you the cultural importance of Agaseke baskets, the full process involved in making the basket, and the intricate pattern and vibrant colors used.

"This work has allowed me to feed, dress, and send my children to school."
- Grace

About Grace

Grace was born in the Southern Province of Rwanda in a village called Byimana, a village well known for basket making. She attended only primary school because her parents didn’t have enough money to send her to school and continue her education. She came to Kigali when she got married. After 20 years of marriage, her husband passed away, so now she is in charge of her whole family. Her work supports her and her four children. She is proud because her children don’t lack anything - they have enough to eat and dress, and go to school.

Work Experience

Grace's grandmother, mothers, and sisters all knew how to weave. The skill was passed down through her family and community. Grace spent much of her time at home working to master her skills in basket making. She's now a member of Nyamirambo Women's Center - a group of women living in a large informal settlement in Kigali. They created a project which aimed to address problems faced today by many young Rwandan women such as struggling with socio-political and individual consequences of gender based discrimination, violence and poverty, reproductive rights, child care, lack of access to education, skills and funds to strive for their well-being and human rights, as well as income generating activities.