$15 per person
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Rice farming
Farming Experience in Rwamagana, Rwanda · Hosted by COCURIBU

3 hours
1 - 20 people
Moderate Difficulty
Available Sun - Sat, 8am, 9am, or 10am
Speaks English, Kinyarwanda
French and English interpreters available

About the experience

First introduced to Rwanda in the 1960s, rice has become one of the most important staple foods for both rural and urban households. Typically produced in marshland areas between 800 and 1200 meters in elevation, it's a labor intensive crop that continues to gain importance - both economically and in terms of food security - for the country. This is the very unique opportunity to get your hands and feet wet and dirty while learning how rice is cultivated in Rwanda. After meeting with a cooperative member, you'll walk about 20 minutes to the marshland. From there, you'll get the hands-on experience of learning exactly how rice is cultivated, who does the work, and how it eventually gets onto your plate.

What's provided

Everything you need to learn about rice farming in rural Rwanda.

What your should bring

Boots, drinking water, clothes that will get dirty, and a snack. The marshland is a 20 minute walk from the taxi park.



COCURIBU - Cooperative de Cultivateurs du Riz Bugugu, is a rice farming cooperative working to modernize rice cultivation on their lands around Rwamagana. Most of the cooperative members have been farmers for many many years and are always looking for ways to improve their methods.