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Rwanda is a small mountainous country located in the Great Lakes region of East Africa, just south of the Equator. The country is ecologically diverse for its size and characterized with highland mountain landscapes in the west giving way to savannah grasslands and low altitude marshes to the east. Tourism, minerals, coffee, and tea are Rwanda's main sources of foreign exchange. Although livelihood practices vary geographically, agricultural production serves as the foundation for the rural economy. Rwanda is actively promoting entrepreneurial development in it's Vision 2020 push to become a middle income country. Administratively, Rwanda is divided into five key Provinces. They include the Western, Northern, Southern, Eastern, and Kigali Province located centrally.

Basket Weaving with Donatha Muramba, Western Province

Born in a neighboring community, Donatha moved to Hindero (village on the outskirts of Muramba) after getting married. She and her husband have been married for 20 years and have eight kids. She is highly motivated and very proud of her craft. She is excited to have visitors and says that it is an honor that someone would come from so far away to learn about Rwanda, and spend time with her and her family.

Basket Weaving with the Basket Weavers of Muhanga Muhanga, Southern Province

A basket weaving cooperative made up of over 450 women and a handful of men. The cooperative supplies most of the high end baskets found at some of Kigali's boutique shops.

Tour of Kigali with Faustin Kigali, Kigali Province

In November 2017 I completed an MBA at Kigali Independent University. I have a bachelor degree from the National University of Rwanda. I like traveling, reading, and I'm a passionate football fan.

Auto Mechanics with Mapozi Kigali, Kigali Province

We were introduced to Mapozi by someone who told us, he can fix any car or truck. We were naturally intrigued. What we didn't know if that Mapozi works out of a dirt parking lot with a noticeable lack of tools. The resourcefulness of Mapozi, and the other mechanics in the cooperative, is something you've got to see firsthand to really appreciate their work.

On this unique experience, you'll get to go behind the gated lot and get a firsthand glimpse into the large mechanic zone near Nyabugogo Taxi and Bus Park.

Rice farming with COCURIBU Rwamagana, Eastern Province

COCURIBU - Cooperative de Cultivateurs du Riz Bugugu, is a rice farming cooperative working to modernize rice cultivation on their lands around Rwamagana. Most of the cooperative members have been farmers for many many years and are always looking for ways to improve their methods.

Night Fishing on Lake Kivu with Gisenyi Fishing Cooperative Gisenyi, Western Province

Lake Kivu is one of Rwanda's main attractions, and we certainly understand why. If you've spent time on, or near, the lake at night, you've undoubtedly seen (and heard) the night fisherman of Lake Kivu. In this unique experience, you'll get to join up with one of the fishing teams and learn about the important tradition of fishing on Lake Kivu!

As the sun goes down over the lake, you'll board a small motor boat that will take you right up to the fishing boats. From there you'll have the chance to board the hand-made fishing boat, meet the fishing team, learn about the process, and (when it's time to raise the nets) experience how strenuous and strategic the work really is. You can head back to shore whenever you're ready, but most likely after they pull the nets for the first time.

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