Seeing Hands Rwanda

  1. Kigali, Rwanda

Seeing Hands is a social enterprise based in Kigali that promotes the social and economic well being of visually impaired Rwandans through training and employment in massage therapy. The initiative was founded by Beth Gatonye, and they've trained and support dozens of massage therapists across the country. Seeing Hands not only provides technical training, but is focused on promoting independent living for all trainees.


Hi! I'm Beth, the founder of Seeing Hands. I'm originally from Kenya, but have lived in Rwanda for the last seven years. I'm married to a Rwandan and am a mother of two adorable little children. I have a diploma in Esthetic Arts and Sciences and more than 15 years experience in massage. I enjoy going places and exploring around my city! I started Seeing Hands after realizing how visually impaired people often have little opportunity in Rwanda. According to to the Rwanda National Census, there are nearly 60,000 blind people in Rwanda, and most cannot meet their basic needs. Seeing Hands was created to help change that.

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Seeing Hands


Kigali, Rwanda

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