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Vayando's Director of Operations based in Kigali, Rwanda. Have questions about any of our experiences or Rwanda, let's connect:

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Night Fishing on Lake Kivu with Gisenyi Fishing Cooperative Gisenyi, Rwanda

Lake Kivu is one of Rwanda's main attractions, and we certainly understand why. If you've spent time on, or near, the lake at night, you've undoubtedly seen (and heard) the night fisherman of Lake Kivu. In this unique experience, you'll get to join up with one of the fishing teams and learn about the important tradition of fishing on Lake Kivu!

As the sun goes down over the lake, you'll board a small motor boat that will take you right up to the fishing boats. From there you'll have the chance to board the hand-made fishing boat, meet the fishing team, learn about the process, and (when it's time to raise the nets) experience how strenuous and strategic the work really is. You can head back to shore whenever you're ready, but most likely after they pull the nets for the first time.

Cheese Making with Leidy Bijagua, Costa Rica

Raul’s passion is caring for animals and Leidy is proud to be able to contribute to the family’s major source of income. They enjoy being able to spend a lot of time together, while also raising their family and doing good work. They did not have this opportunity in the past. Raul thinks that it is important for people to be able to live independently and use their passion. Their vision for the future is to produce more milk and have better quality cows and land. They do not want to grow and have 100 cows, they just want to be able to maintain their land and farm the best way they can. They want to send their 2 girls to college and be able to have a livelihood when they are too old to work.

Paper Bead Jewelry with Susan and 22 Stars Kampala, Uganda

Susan was born in Northern Uganda and has lived most of her life in Gulu where her mother still lives. She fled to Kampala with her family the night their village was attacked by rebels. Susan’s first husband, a soldier, died in 1999. Her second husband went to Somalia in 2007 with a peacekeeping force and never returned.

Street Photography with Papa Kampala, Uganda

Papa is an award winning Ugandan photographer (Uganda Press Photo Awards 2013 and 2014), formerly a student of Margaret Trowel School of Industrial and Fine Arts at Makerere University (2011-2014). He was among 18 Ugandan artists selected from a list of 70 applicants to take part in the KLA ART ’014/ Kampala Contemporary Art Festival that ran throughout October 2014 in which the international jury voted for his project (LE STUDIO BODA-BODA) project as the winner of the “New Talent Award. This project engaged and documented public transport motorbike riders (boda-boda) in photography activities at different motorbike stops in Kampala.

Idjwi Island Radio with Yves Idjwi Island, Democratic Republic of Congo

Yves is an inspiring person who is heavily involved in community development. One project he's working on is the distribution of used computers that he receives from a donor in the EU, which he sets up in local schools. He is interested in computers and gadgets, which is rather ironic as he has lived almost his entire life on the island without electricity (solar panels are slowly starting to change that).

When the financial situation permits, Yves buys diesel for the radio station's generator, so that he can transmit radio for the population. He goes around the island with his dictaphone and interviews fellow Idjwians about topics relevant for them. He knows everyone on the Island and is in particular a friend of the Pygmyes who have historically been marginalized. Yves loves the island and does everything possible to improve the lives of people in his community.

As your guide, Yves will meet you in Gisenyi, Rwanda and facilitate crossing the border into DRC, and boarding the ferry. He'll stay with you throughout the duration of your stay organizing days trips to various parts of the island where you can visit communities of pottery makers, pineapple farmers, fishing communities, and a range of other skilled entrepreneurs. You can practice your hand at each livelihood along the way or simply learn more about the communities and people on the island.

Brass Jewelry Making with Abraham Kigali, Rwanda

Abraham is a self-taught jewelry designer who upcycles discarded materials (i.e. cow horn, cow bone, cooking pots, padlocks) to create necklaces of high quality and beauty.

Rice farming with COCURIBU Rwamagana, Rwanda

COCURIBU - Cooperative de Cultivateurs du Riz Bugugu, is a rice farming cooperative working to modernize rice cultivation on their lands around Rwamagana. Most of the cooperative members have been farmers for many many years and are always looking for ways to improve their methods.

Basket Weaving with the Basket Weavers of Muhanga Muhanga, Rwanda

A basket weaving cooperative made up of over 450 women and a handful of men. The cooperative supplies most of the high end baskets found at some of Kigali's boutique shops.

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