Justin Hill

  1. Atlanta, GA

Justin is responsible for building the Vayando platform, which enables travelers and entrepreneurs to connect and learn about each other's livelihoods. Similarly, the booking system is built on top some nifty technology that allows us to connect with entrepreneurs way off the beaten path and usually off grid. Our platform also embraces various NGO networks, giving partner organizations to showcase their work in partnership with Vayando, as well as give their employees the chance to do the same.p

Vayando Profiles

Brass Jewelry Making with Abraham Kigali, Rwanda

Abraham is a self-taught jewelry designer who upcycles discarded materials (i.e. cow horn, cow bone, cooking pots, padlocks) to create necklaces of high quality and beauty.

Web Development with OpenTek Kigali, Rwanda

OpenTek is a team of 4 young people who graduated from Adventist University of Central Africa(AUCA) with degrees in Information Technology. The team has wide life experience and come from different backgrounds. They are driven by a passion for technology and innovation and strive to be on top of the best technologies in the region.

Field Partner

3 entrepreneurs

2 communities

2 countries



Woodstock, GA

B.S. Industrial and Systems Engineering

English, German



Member since December 2016

Business Advisor, Community Development, Rural Sustainable Tourism, TEFL

Vayando is a community driven tool that connects travelers with local entrepreneurs in emerging economies. Field partners are NGOs, their staff, travel bloggers, and more. Field partners identify entrepreneurs and support them building a Vayando profile. They provide capacity building, local marketing efforts, and are invested in creating positive, social impact.
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