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My names are Faustin Sibomana, I am pursuing an MBA at Kigali Independent University and I have a bachelor degree from the National University of Rwanda. I like travelling, read and watch football games. My strengths are; to take initiative to work independently, good leadership skills, interpersonal skills and good team player. My weaknesses are that I am not comfortable until I finish my work in the given time and over friendly in nature.


Faustin Sibomana was born in Democratic Republic of Congo where his parents were refugees. After the genocide against Tutsis he returned to Rwanda where completed his bachelor of Economics at the National University of Rwanda and currently he is pursuing his MBA at Kigali Independent University. Faustin worked in diverse domains, from restaurant, hotel, bank, consulting firms and this allowed him to travel in different corners of Rwanda; rural and urban areas. He got also to work and meet with diverse people; nationals and expatriates. Faustin currently works with vayando as a guide, translater, facilitator, but mostly coordinates travelers’ visits to local entrepreneurs. He likes to travel, read and watch football games.

Vayando Profiles

Auto Mechanics with Mapozi Kigali, Rwanda

We were introduced to Mapozi by someone who told us, he can fix any car or truck. We were naturally intrigued. What we didn't know if that Mapozi works out of a dirt parking lot with a noticeable lack of tools. The resourcefulness of Mapozi, and the other mechanics in the cooperative, is something you've got to see firsthand to really appreciate their work.

On this unique experience, you'll get to go behind the gated lot and get a firsthand glimpse into the large mechanic zone near Nyabugogo Taxi and Bus Park.

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English, Kinyarwanda, French


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