Cuthbert Aongat

  1. Uganda, Soroti

I'm a native Ugandan and experienced professional in the humanitarian development sector with strong leadership, technical and relationship-building skills. I have nearly a decade of experience working in mid to upper level management with various humanitarian agencies in Program Development, Project Cycle Management, and Monitoring and Evaluation. More specifically, I have on practical experiences in livelihoods improvement, nutrition, water and sanitation, and entrepreneurial development. Most recently, I've been working with Action Against Hunger in Uganda focused on food security and livelihoods, but am shifting my focus build my own organizations centered around livelihood improvement of my own people. This is the reason I established Community Focus Uganda.


I am trained as social scientist with specialty in development and am working on my MBA, which will enable me realize my longer term entrepreneurial ambitions and better develop my non-profit work.

Field Partner

Community Focus Uganda

Executive Director


MBA ongoing


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Member since August 2017

Agroforestry, Agriculture, Community Development, Environmental Education, Forestry, Public Health, Sustainable Tourism, Youth Development

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