I am a simple easy to approach young entrepreneur from Gulu living in Kampala since child hood. I love meeting new people, sharing energies, travelling and listening to music. I am currently making hammocks and trying to develop it into a company. I live with my parents in kinawataka slum where I make my hammocks and sometimes coordinate social projects to help other tailors living in the slum achieve a wider market for their work. I do this using social media as the main platform. apart from hammocks, I have a keen interest in music, film and visual arts and design. I work with boutique electronique(an artist residency in Uganda) founders as my mentors in this field.


Being part of a leadership oriented family, I have learned to lead at a young age. I have taken up leadership roles in the fields of patriotism, debates, entertainment and project management from Primary up to University where I directed exchange programs for East African Students under Aiesec. I started my hammock business from the grassroots in 2014 and this has been very instrumental interms of moulding my communication and marketing skills and generally improved my leadership skills.I have collaborated with artists and designers that took part in the world film/music festival known as NYEGE NYEGE international festival under Boutique electronic.

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Journalism and communication at Makerere University

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