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$21 per person


Duration: 1.5 hours
Group Size: 1 - 5 people
Difficulty: Very Easy
Start Time: 2pm, 3pm, or 4pm
Weekly: Mon - Wed
Seasons: Jan - Dec

Café Las Marías

English Level: Medium
Languages: English, Spanish


What's provided

Delicious Nicaraguan coffee beans and all the materials needed to roast and prepare infusion methods.

What you should bring

Comfortable clothing and shoes, please on the day of your visit do not wear cream, lotions or perfume. If you want to perceive flavor notes from our coffees we also recommend that you do not eat anything too hot or spicy because it will interfere with your experience.

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The World of Coffee with Café Las Marías

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In our specialty coffee shop, we will explain all the coffee production process that starts from the farm, to the wet and dry mills, the shipping to the roasting facilities, roasting profiles, coffee cuppings and methods of preparation. You will get a chance to see the roasting process in our facilities and learn how to make your own coffee with one of our talented baristas. At Cafe Las Marias we are involved in every step of the value chain and we are excited to share our experiences with you!

"Come enjoy an experience where the absolute protagonist is Nicaraguan coffee!"
- Café Las Marías

About Café Las Marías

Café Las Marías was started by a family that has worked in coffee for many generations. She started Cafe Las Marías to offer specialty coffee from bean to cup. Their mission is to offer consumers an authentically Nicaraguan coffee experience and offer multiple methods of infusion, not just the espresso machine that is offered in typical coffee shops. In our shop we keep an open concept where you can see everything from the roasting to the preparation of our coffees.

Work Experience

Café Las Marías comes from a coffee farm operated by two women entrepreneurs who are fourth generation from a family with a long coffee tradition. We operate with international certifications and best practices to take care of our natural resources and coffee communities. Their general manager of Café Las Marías has more than eleven years of experience in coffee, she is also a certified Q grader and has worked in the Café Las Marías business model since 2014.