Experience Nicaragua's Rural Community Life with El Perezoso
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$45 per person


Duration: 4 hours
Group Size: 3 - 12 people
Difficulty: Very Easy
Start Time: 8:30am
Weekly: Sun - Sat
Seasons: Jan - Dec

El Perezoso

English Level: Medium
Languages: English, Spanish


What's provided

- Transportation from the town center of Leon to the community of San Sebastian - Typical nicaraguan lunch including a natural refreshment - A local guide that will also translate for the community

What you should bring

Comfortable clothing, long trousers, sneakers, sunscreen and two liters of bottled water per person.

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Experience Nicaragua's Rural Community Life with El Perezoso

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This is the perfect activity to get to know Nicaragua's countryside and Leon's rural communities.

You will visit the Community of San Sebastian, a community 30 minutes away from Leon, with no electricity or public transportation that connects them to the city. People in the community live from agriculture and would love to share their livelihood and traditions with you.

We depart everyday form Leon at 8:30 AM and we arrive at San Sebastian at ~9AM. You will have cooking lessons to learn how to make your tortilla and cuajada (typical nicaraguan cheese). In the afternoon you can have a tour on horse or walk around the community. We return to Leon at around ~5pm.

"We believe in environmental and social responsibility for a sustainable economic development!"
- El Perezoso

About El Perezoso

El Perezoso is a community tourism agency that started four years ago in Leon from a multicultural group with the objective to promote community and rural tourism in Nicaragua.

Their goal is to provide unique experiences to travelers and provide a positive footprint to the communities they work with. They want to show wonderful non-touristy places that you would never discover on your own and introduce you to the rural communities they work with and their rich heritage.

According to Matilde, one of the El Perezoso founders, their philosophy is perfectly described as: A journey of discovery is not looking for new paths, but having new eyes - Marcel Proust

Work Experience

El Perezoso is very proud to promote : Community and sustainable tourism as a strategy to empower and develop rural communities while improving their livelihoods and the conservation of the natural environment and cultural heritages.They also work hand in hand with indigenous populations for the conservation of their traditions.

As part of their process they identify high-potential rural communities and develop workshops to train residents on best-practices of sustainable tourism, which also empowers residents that had never worked in the tourism industry.

This is an -often long- and very dedicated and inclusive process, but every time we are able to book a visit for the community it shows them that the effort on these trainings has paid off and that there are opportunities for them to grow in the areas of sustainable tourism.