Program Coordinator Internship - Atlanta

Part time position based in Atlanta.


Vayando is a for-profit social enterprise headquartered in Atlanta. We’re a booking platform that markets local entrepreneurs as a way for travelers to connect with local people to learn about their livelihoods. To date, our focus has been in East Africa and Central America. Vayando first launched in Rwanda and is currently in six countries. We’re starting a pilot program in the US, launching in our hometown Atlanta, and we’re looking for a Program Coordinator to support build out at the city level. This is a 15 to 20 hour per week internship role that can be built into a full time paid position. The Program Coordinator plays a key role in supporting Vayando’s growth in Atlanta. The role includes build out of a diverse community of local entrepreneurs, multi-media support, partnership development, and marketing coordination. In short, the Program Coordinator will be a lead role in Vayando’s program development in Atlanta.

What you'll be responsible for:

• Work with Vayando team on developing effective strategy prioritizing key geographical regions of the city. 

• Identify high quality entrepreneurs in key locations and support on-boarding through online profile creation and management. 

• Support Vayando in developing quality control measures, including strategies on how to identifying entrepreneurs and utilizing customer feedback for improvement of entrepreneur training material. 

• Support the booking confirmation process to provide customer support as needed. This may include email and phone coordination and participating in some bookings for firsthand perspective.

• Provide weekly updates to Vayando team on progress, challenges, priorities, and recommendations. 

• Liaise with Marketing Lead to regularly submit city specific content, entrepreneur and traveler multi media stories, local initiatives, etc. to Vayando team for social media and print content. 

• Additional support services as needed.

What experience you should have:

The candidate must be based in Atlanta and have extensive knowledge of the city’s diverse artistic and entrepreneur community. Extensive International travel is a major plus. Excellent interpersonal skills, proven writing and blogging skills, a background in photography, experience with Adobe photo editing tools, and in-depth knowledge with various social media platforms are ideal.

To apply:

Apply here and we'll be in touch.