Country Coordinator - Costa Rica

Part time position based in Costa Rica.


Vayando is looking for a Country Coordinator in Costa Rica. This is a 15 to 20 hour per week internship role that can be built into a full time paid position. The intern receives 25% of total for each booking. Some travel and communication costs covered. The Country Coordinator plays a key role in supporting Vayando’s growth in Costa Rica. The role includes work in field, partnership, coordination, and marketing capacities. In short, the Country Coordinator is Vayando’s focal point in the country focused on establishing relationships with field partners, affiliates and relevant line ministries, and working to ensure targeting of high quality and marketable entrepreneurs. The successful candidate will represent Vayando at the national level.

What you'll be responsible for:

• Work with Vayando team on developing effective strategy prioritizing key geographical regions of the country.
• Identify high quality entrepreneurs in key locations and work with them in creating and managing an online profile.
• Establish field partner networks (i.e. Peace Corps, NGOs, CBOs, etc) in respective country and support Vayando in developing effective relationships, communication strategies, and field partner database.
• Work to brief field partners on Vayando’s strategies, goals, and use of web forms, and work them in effectively identifying and supporting entrepreneurs in their area and creating profiles.
• Support Vayando in developing quality control measures, including strategies on how to identifying entrepreneurs and utilizing customer feedback for development of entrepreneur training material.
• Promote Vayando’s affiliate program to hotels and tour operators.
• Reach out to national and local publications to support in-country marketing of Vayando. Brainstorm guerrilla marketing strategies.
• Liaise with local and national governments briefing on Vayando’s work and brainstorming ways to better integrate Vayando into official tourism and small business development strategies.
• Support the booking confirmation process while Vayando works to automate SMS based confirmation and payment platform. Namely, forwarding emails and making calls to entrepreneurs once booking requests are sent.
• Provide weekly updates to Vayando team on progress, challenges, priorities, and recommendations.
• Regularly submit country specific content, entrepreneur / traveler / field stories and photographs, local initiatives, etc. to Vayando team for social media and print content.
• Additional support services as needed.

What experience you should have:

The candidate must be based in-country and have extensive knowledge of Costa Rica related to sustainable tourism and entrepreneurial development. Returned Peace Corps Volunteers are highly considered. Knowledge of sectors including agriculture, livelihoods, public health, water and sanitation, local arts, etc. is a major plus. Advanced degree in the above areas desired. The candidate should have a strong personal interest in social justice issues and recognize the potential of promoting entrepreneurial development via alternative travel. Excellent interpersonal skills, proven writing and blogging skills, a background in photography, experience with Adobe photo editing tools, and in-depth knowledge with various social media platforms are ideal. Spanish fluency required.

To apply:

Apply here and we'll be in touch.