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Who are Micro-Entrepreneurs?

Who are Micro-Entrepreneurs?December 6, 2016 — People who visit low income communities are often struck by the sheer number of entrepreneurs. After all, it inspired Muhammed Yunus to start the Grameen Bank and all the support for microfinance. According to MIT economists Banerjee and Duflo only 12% of people are self-employed in OECD countries. In poorer countries roughly 70% of people have someone in their household who is self-employed. They report that the poor are entrepreneurial because they have limited opportunity for formal employmen... Read More

7 Reasons Why Peace Corps Volunteers Make the Best Startup Workers

7 Reasons Why Peace Corps Volunteers Make the Best Startup WorkersDecember 6, 2016 — Just came across an article on Startup Institute - and reposted on the Peace Corps blog - delving into why Peace Corps Volunteers (PCVs) are a natural fit for startups, and being a Returned Peace Corps Volunteer (RPCV) myself - as well as directly engaged in the startup world - I have to say that it covers it pretty dang well. In particular, I think points ... Read More

Across South Sudan

Across South SudanDecember 6, 2016 — I feel pretty fortunate to have had the chance to work in - and photograph - so many corners of South Sudan. I've been there on three separate contracts - mostly in programatic roles - with a number of different humanitarian organizations. I'm almost always there with camera in tow. I've been there for several months at a time, and up to a year. It's the kind of place that pushes you in every direction, and pretty much on every emotional level. In the humanitarian world, South Sudan is known as ... Read More