Field Notes

Updates from the field

What to do in Rwanda

What to do in RwandaDecember 6, 2016 — “What’s there to do around here?” I ask at the reception desk of a small, rural hostel. To my surprise, the most enticing of the responses I got was, “walk around.” That was after being here in Rwanda for about 3 weeks. In the seven months I've been here, I’ve heard similar responses too many times. It’s just not true – there’s a lot to do in Rwanda! Don’t get me wrong; walking around is a great chance to experience a new place. It’s just that I sprained my ankle, on... Read More

Look Around Yourself and Travel the World

Look Around Yourself and Travel the WorldDecember 6, 2016 — On Coffeelicious last week, Misbah Achraf wrote an article titled "Things you should absolutely uncover in your 20s". The top two advice were: 1. Look around yourself and 2. Travel the World. One of the neatest new words I have learned recently is sonder. It is the realization that each random passerby is living a life as vivid and complex as your own. How humbling is that? How many... Read More

A Day in the Life with Don Pancho

A Day in the Life with Don PanchoDecember 6, 2016 — If you are lucky, you can catch a glimpse of the Volcan Poas crater on the way to Don Pancho’s coffee farm. (Check this website for real time update on visibility) For 16 United Nations University for Peace students and I, we were not lucky enough to enjoy the view. However, the weather in the mountains changes quickly. By the time we arrived at Don Pancho’s farm at 9:30am, it was warm, sunny and clear skies again. Our group consisted of a diverse group of travelers from Japan, Germany, B... Read More