COF-UGANDA has been present in Soroti since 2012, implementing community based projects in Teso sub region of Uganda. Since that time, COF-UGANDA has been delivering medium but robust projects,"/> COF-UGANDA has been present in Soroti since 2012, implementing community based projects in Teso sub region of Uganda. Since that time, COF-UGANDA has been delivering medium but robust projects,">

Back ground to Community Focus Uganda

September 21, 2017


COF-UGANDA has been present in Soroti since 2012, implementing community based projects in Teso sub region of Uganda. Since that time, COF-UGANDA has been delivering medium but robust projects, ranging from water and sanitation, hygiene promotion, Livelihoods, to education and vocational skills enhancement. COF-Uganda also looks to projects that are rebuilding livelihoods assets, infrastructure development, education and production enhancing initiatives both at medium and large scale to create long term development and resilient livelihoods.

COF-UGANDA interventions in Teso have the following objectives; to reduce the vulnerability of the population of Teso to disease, cause behavior change, prevent malnutrition; to increase the capacity of the communities and district/sub county Health  staff to prevent preventable diseases, improve access to safe water and sanitation services; to contribute to the increased resilience of households and communities to food insecurity, build capacity of institutions and to improve access to water for production, sanitation and hygiene practices in the community and health center catchment areas.

Water, Sanitation & Hygiene (WASH): COF-UGANDA conducted community hygiene and sanitation promotion in Soroti district covering schools, health facilities, town centres, alongside assessing the capacity of water user management committees to manage their water sources sustainably. In 2013 & 2014 with own support, COF-UGANDA implemented community out reaches and trained hygiene promoters to support hygiene and sanitation outreaches in their respective communities. In 2015 and 2016, COF-UGANDA secured funding from Austrian Development Agency to implement school WASH project through building capacity of school health clubs to manage school hygiene and sanitation including menstrual management for adolescent girls covering 5 primary schools and improve access to safe water for home consumption while  building household capacity to manage good hygiene.

Health and Nutrition Programming: Community Focus Uganda is popularizing its approach of creating awareness on good nutrition practices through community nutrition education sessions and sensitization of the communities. Despite the lack of funding to scale up its interventions, community Focus Uganda has never stopped participating in community education sessions promoting good cooking and feeding practices especially for children under 5 years of age who are at higher risk of malnutrition. This projects aim at building core practices of preventing under nutrition or hidden hunger among community members. 

Food Security and Livelihoods (FSL): COF-UGANDA provided targeted beneficiaries with the knowledge, tools and inputs that they need to be resilient and productive, and thus live in dignity and self-sufficiency and form a logical continuum with nutrition.  COF-UGANDA has successfully concluded the household vegetable gardening project in 2013/2014 targeting neighbouring villages in Soroti Sub County.

Community Focus Uganda also promotes activities that allow cross learning and contribute to community engagement in entrepreneural projects to chnage their lives. This can happen between locals and travellers such as trourists to Uganda from across the world. People interested in learning canbe linked with the respective communities to ensure that they create a sense of belonging together.

2016-20: The current vision statement of COF-UGANDA in Uganda is to be “an organization of choice for innovative, high impact and sustainable multi-sectoral approaches for community sustainable development in order to achieve improved health, nutrition security and empower communities”. COF-UGANDA would like to implement a multi-sectoral programme in Teso as a whole realizing that the needs to the population are interlinked. Hence to implement programmes that address health specific interventions to reduce prevalence of preventable diseases and address the underlying causes of malnutrition, livelihoods and education programmes that look at addressing the factors contributing to poverty reduction. 

Current opportunities at hand lie around creating entrepreneural opportunities across different sectors of intervention that give participants opportunities to identify business opportunities. This can be through linkages with travellers around the world, into Uganda and Teso sub region as in particular.

Systems in place:

COF-UGANDA has developed systems in place to enhance its capacity for efficient and effective programme delivery for example; Finance and Procurement guidelines, human resource and staff employment regulations, asset management policy, cash management policy among others. This ensures good resource management (internal and donor funds).

 Resource Mobilization

Community Focus Uganda currently operates with limited donors supporting its activities. In order to raise funds for its operations, Community Focus Uganda has a policy of raising operational funds from within the founder members and newly recruited members into the organization. As a result each founder director contributes at least 1,500,000 (approximately $500) per annum towards funding the project activities.


Our continued approach to mobiization involves linkages with potential investor, entrepreneurs and donors to discuss and support development activities for all.